Is This the Michael Bolton Renaissance We've All Been Waiting For?

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He's back, baby! Happy Honda Days from Michael Bolton.
Soft-rock seems to be making a comeback. Just recently Phil Collins announced his glorious return to music, and now Michael Bolton has been plastered all over our TV screens. That's right, Michael Bolton. That balding dude your mom used to listen to.

It's tough defending Bolton, but hey, I'm up to the task. It looks like Bolton is back in a big way, and though he seems to be rocking hair plugs or a wig or some such ridiculousness, I'm glad of it. This is the Michael Bolton renaissance we've all been waiting for, and I personally welcome our new adult-contemporary commercial-jingle overlord.

It started with the holiday commercials. Recently seemed you couldn't turn on the TV without seeing a car commercial featuring Bolton singing some holiday classics. I was a little bit confused by this. I mean, first off, why would Michael Bolton be in a commercial in 2013 anyway? The dude's career started to falter sometime in the mid-'90s.

Secondly, what would he even be promoting? So far as I knew, he didn't have a new record coming out. His last album had come out in February 2013 and his last Christmas album had come out in 2007. (I knew this thanks to a quick Wikipedia jaunt. Don't judge me.)

So why was Michael Bolton trying to sell me a Honda Civic?

Oddly enough, it's because the people who write commercials think Michael Bolton is cool enough to sell me a sedan. Though that statement sounds bizarre as hell, it clearly worked. The ads were everywhere and I couldn't get Michael Bolton out of my head. He even started showing up in my Facebook feed!

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Quote from MB years ago about critics, "Rude people can kiss my ass."  Someone needs to ask him what's up with Paula Barbieri.


If making people change the channel when these commercials come on, then they achieved it with me.


Some of you missed the point of the commercials.  The funny thing about anyone who takes them seriously is the failure to notice that Bolton is in on the joke.  It was a clever way to point out how over the top some commercials will go to sell you something.  Just listen to the lyrics that they came up with for Bolton.  He's clearly aware of himself and his past and embraces the schmaltz.  I never liked his music, but I love the Honda ads.

MadMac topcommenter

Michael Buble is gonna get you.


I wasn't a fan the first go-round and this new glittering Liberacesque jack-in-the-box stretched skinned and bewigged version is annoying and creepy.  Make it go away!


I had no idea that "we've all" been waiting for the return of Michael Bolton. 

I mean if you are talking about that "Office Space" character, I'm there, but if it's the nasally singer who made a mint off the destruction of some great R&B, I'm going to pass.

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