Houston: Where the Osbournes Fired Carmine Appice

He may be a senior citizen, but 67-year-old classic-rock skinthumper Carmine Appice will have a busier 2014 than you, for sure.

In addition to co-launching a new startup label, Rocker Records, he has rehearsal and recording sessions with a new group, and a busy slate of live gigs with three different acts. He is also working with a writer on his autobiography, the opening scene of which he says takes place in Houston.

"Oh yeah, that's how I'm opening the thing, in Houston. Because that's where I got fired from Ozzy's band!" Appice laughs.

REWIND: Carmine Appice Drums Up Lost Music on Rocker Records

And while he wants to save details of the ousting after the February 17, 1984 show at the Summit during Osbourne's "Bark at the Moon" tour for the book, he will give some details of the night involving a local radio personality.

"I have been friends with [then-KLOL disc jockey and current motivational speaker/coach] Dayna Steele for a long time, and I was staying at her house that night," Appice recalls.

"I drove her car to the gig. And then Sharon [Osbourne, Ozzy's wife/manager] fired me after the show, so I drove back right away. Dayna was looking for me at the gig, but I was already back at her place, and she didn't know where I was with her car!"

Bad Brotherly Blood? Vinny and Carmine Appice reignite the "Drum Wars."
Of Appice's other projects for the year, he will be part of a new hard-rock supergroup, the appropriately named Legacy X, with vocalist Joe Lynn Turner (ex-Rainbow, Deep Purple), bassist Tony Franklin (ex-Firm, Blue Murder), and guitarist Jeff Watson (ex-Night Ranger).

Then there are live dates with Cactus. And then he will also be doing more "Drum Wars" shows with brother and fellow drummer Vinny Appice (ex-Black Sabbath, Dio, Heaven & Hell) in which the duo and a full band play material from both of their lengthy careers. The show culminates in a pound-off between the two siblings.

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