Welcome Back, Marfreless: Lovers' Lounge Again Ready for Action

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More renovations are coming. Just not yet.
High-end wines by the glass, a more developed food menu, and more are on their way, but all in good time. Patience, grasshopper.

Don't worry about the fate of that naughty blue door.
The blue gateway to heaven will remain the bar's bat signal, as it were. Same goes for the mural. Soon enough Marfreless will be home to some of your more interesting shenanigans, which means that all those tears you shed over the loss of one fantastic little dark makeout bar were in vain. But so were ours, buddy.

Welcome back, Marfreless. You've been sorely missed.


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2006 Peden, Houston, TX

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Christopher Mansee
Christopher Mansee

that place still there? so rememer guest's comen into birras asking where the "red" door bar was so is it blue now or always been blue

Cortney Brock
Cortney Brock

I love Marfreless. That's where I took my girlfriend on our first date. I've always had a great time there!


How'd you know I would pout over the wooden bar being gone? Maaaaannn.

Also an improved food menu? I hope that gets expedited.

I could not be more freaking stoked!!!

Carlos Vidal
Carlos Vidal

John Wells are you saying you want to make out with Michael Grossman at marfreless?


Marfreless was unique, in the allure was the kitchsy almost diveyness of the place.  Really, bottle service....gimme a break, line up the Washington Ave. douche bags, cause here they come.   No Thanks.

Kylejack topcommenter

The same FB admin told Chronicle that there would be a door guy, a strict dress code, and bottle service. NOT MY MARFRELESS


@KylejackSee, we got a response on the whole strict dress code thing, and it seemed a bit murky -- 

"The dress code remains the same, but the enforcement of it may be a little tighter; it was a bit lax at times previously.  "Dressy" was pulled from Facebook, with the other option being "casual."  Houstonians know Marfreless is a nice place, and they're a smart and savvy people, so we have faith in them to dress accordingly.  No one wants to bring their date in and have to kick back next to guys in sports jerseys and flip flops.  It's Marfreless - just use common sense."

And yep, he verified the bottle service is a go as well.


...tighter dress code? Bottle service? Mehhhhhh

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