Welcome Back, Marfreless: Lovers' Lounge Again Ready for Action

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Photos by Francisco Montes
Attention Houston makeout artists. Your slutty blue door is back. Well, almost.

Marfreless, that infamous River Oaks lovers' lounge with the the equally infamous blue door, will once again welcome Houston's randiest bar patrons tomorrow, when it reopens its freshly polished doors for business. But this Marfreless will have a new 'do.

The new owners have opted to stay "silent" for now, but have said they'll fancy up the joint a bit. Hints about the renovations have been dropping sporadically over social media during the past few weeks -- photos of stripped staircases here, notes about "private seating" there -- so it's a mystery just what, exactly, Marfreless's newest iteration will be. Details are still pretty sparse.

But, curious little creatures we are, Rocks Off implored the powers that be at Marfreless -- a.k.a. Dean Peckenpaugh, the bar's Facebook administrator -- to give us a little more information. So here's what we know.

Major changes to the interior await your arrival.
Instead of that old wooden bar that used to lovingly cradle your cocktail, a white marble bar sits in its place. Stop pouting and give it a chance.

Chandeliers sit in place of the former lighting, the walls are now red (which seems quite fitting), and that all-knowing carpet has been replaced by tile, which we like to think is for obvious reasons.

The upstairs has also changed a bit.
But in a good way. It now boasts curtains that, and we quote, "can be drawn for privacy or opened for groups. Or, maybe drawn for groups, if that's what you're into." No comment on our part.

The new owners still recognize that Marfreless is a makeout bar.
What do you think those curtains are for? Or the word "groups"?

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2006 Peden, Houston, TX

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Christopher Mansee
Christopher Mansee

that place still there? so rememer guest's comen into birras asking where the "red" door bar was so is it blue now or always been blue

Cortney Brock
Cortney Brock

I love Marfreless. That's where I took my girlfriend on our first date. I've always had a great time there!


How'd you know I would pout over the wooden bar being gone? Maaaaannn.

Also an improved food menu? I hope that gets expedited.

I could not be more freaking stoked!!!

Carlos Vidal
Carlos Vidal

John Wells are you saying you want to make out with Michael Grossman at marfreless?


Marfreless was unique, in the allure was the kitchsy almost diveyness of the place.  Really, bottle service....gimme a break, line up the Washington Ave. douche bags, cause here they come.   No Thanks.

Kylejack topcommenter

The same FB admin told Chronicle that there would be a door guy, a strict dress code, and bottle service. NOT MY MARFRELESS


@KylejackSee, we got a response on the whole strict dress code thing, and it seemed a bit murky -- 

"The dress code remains the same, but the enforcement of it may be a little tighter; it was a bit lax at times previously.  "Dressy" was pulled from Facebook, with the other option being "casual."  Houstonians know Marfreless is a nice place, and they're a smart and savvy people, so we have faith in them to dress accordingly.  No one wants to bring their date in and have to kick back next to guys in sports jerseys and flip flops.  It's Marfreless - just use common sense."

And yep, he verified the bottle service is a go as well.


...tighter dress code? Bottle service? Mehhhhhh

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