Five Metal Screamers Who Have Lost Their Voices

Photo by Joshua Justice
Frankie Palmeri of Emmure
Look, it happens. We all have to face it at some point. We get old and we just can't do the same things we did in our youth. Take professional athletes, for instance. It's a big deal when an NFL player is able to keep going into his late thirties, just by the very nature of the game.

Metal is about the same, and it's not helping anyone how demanding the genre has become. It's easy enough for bands like Slayer to keep going, while admittedly toning down their movement onstage. These death-metal guys, though? Not a chance.

Especially the vocalists. It's sad to say, but at a certain point the throat can no longer take that kind of abuse. Then what do you do? Some retire, some try to go on with adjustments, and some just suck it up onstage every night. Here we'll see examples of all three as we examine what happens when the scream goes.

Band: Dance Gavin Dance
Lost It?: Oh yeah.
Fate: Keeps sucking it up out there. As you can tell from the video above, Mess has adapted his screaming to be slightly higher-pitched than it used to be. Unfortunately, it sounds awful this way over his old material.

Band: At the Drive-In
Lost It?: Yep.
Fate: Quit screaming altogether. Hey, I'm not gonna knock the At the Drive-In reunion; I loved every second of it. But some of their material sounds awfully strange with Cedric singing instead of screaming.

Band: Emmure
Lost It?: Oh god, yes.
Fate: Goes out there, sucks and does not care. I love Emmure for a lot of reasons, and chief among them is Palmeri's "fuck you" attitude. By the same token, it's still cringeworthy to hear him butcher old tracks, whether he cares what anybody thinks or not.

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Corey Taylor should be on this list. Look at footage from Slipknot's "Disasterpieces" DVD. Then look at anything from today. Big difference. I'm still gonna get the new album when it comes out


Corey Taylor should be on this list.... Look at the disasterpieces DVD footage and look at anything from today. Big difference

Jake Rawls
Jake Rawls

Honorable mention: The dude from Avenged Sevenfold. Never was the same after his vocal surgery.

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