Five Artists (Other Than Trace Adkins) Who Should Fight Their Impersonators


3. Liam Gallagher vs. Another Cheeky Lookalike
C'mon, it's a funny thought, man! Think of all the "We are the Beatles" comments that would be thrown their way by onlookers. It would be a glorious, glorious brawl filled with unintelligible words and fuck-filled insults. Bonus points for the other Gallagher brother's impostor showing up to mix things up.

2. Justin Bieber
Wait, we take that back. The world does not need an impersonator of Bieber. One bucket-peeing, drag-racing diaper baby is quite enough for this lifetime. We'd cosign on this only if the clear victor was the Bieber impersonator and the penalty for losing was deportation back to cold-ass Canada without his cars, ridiculous pants or Usher. He can take Lil Twist with him to our top hat, though, as a consolation prize.

1. Glenn Danzig vs Cooler Impersonator Danzig
Okay, tough guy. Don't act like you wouldn't find it humorous to watch Impostor Danzig kick real Danzig's ass just because you like the Misfits or Samhain. The guy is kind of a douche-canoe as of late, and yes, the Misfits were cool, but "One Last Caress" being a badass song does not work to erase every antisocial sin from the slate.

Also, remember when he got knocked the fuck out with one punch by the dude from Northside Kings for being awful? Yeah, that was also funny.


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