Fall Out Boy's Young Blood Chronicles Is Completely Ridiculous, Awesome

When Fall Out Boy reunited this past year for a tour and a new album, I don't think anybody took them very seriously. It seemed like a clear, desperate cash grab by a once-popular band who had broken up and unleashed a torrent of unsuccessful solo projects that drove them back into each other's arms and the stadium reunion tour circuit.

That was what it looked like, but it wasn't the case. Fall Out Boy was serious as hell and came through with a hit album full of their best material yet, along with a well-received tour, and a completely awesome video series called The Young Blood Chronicles to accompany every song on their album.

Okay, given the contents of the videos, maybe serious is the wrong word, but they're dedicated for sure, and what they're doing is awesome.

It started with the video for the first single, which was released just about the same minute that they announced they were back together. "My Song Know What You Did in the Dark (Light 'Em Up)" may not have been fully indicative of what was to come, though. The song is a fine single, and the video is decent, featuring the "beginning" of the story, at least in the way Quentin Tarantino thinks of a beginning.

The burning of a car and the band's gear by 2 Chainz and some sexy ladies kick off the story, but where things really get interesting is in the second video for "The Phoenix." This one shows the actual start of the story, and boy does it get insane from there.

The band has a briefcase (more Tarantino vibes) with something some criminals very much want. Patrick Stump has it handcuffed to himself so he can't lose it, but he's kidnapped and has his hand cut off for it. Meanwhile, Pete Wentz is busy getting laid when he gets hand delivered his bandmate's severed hand. In response, he summons a fucking owl, because apparently that's a thing Pete Wentz can do.

Each member of the band is captured in turn, and subsequently we begin to realize that we're watching what will eventually become a feature-length film based on this ridiculous action premise Fall Out Boy has crafted.

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