Disclosure at Warehouse Live, 1/29/14

Photos by J Tovar
Warehouse Live

Wednesday night's Disclosure show was a confusing and somewhat disorganized experience, but nonetheless an amazing performance that certainly pleased the overstuffed Warehouse Live crowd.

Unless I had been huffing glue in my sleep and dreamt this, the first time I went to the Warehouse Live page to see when Wednesday's show began it said that doors were at 7 p.m. and there were two openers (Vic Mensa and Samo Sound Boy). Thankfully I am a compulsive planner and checked the site multiple times before going to the show and I learned that "due to unforeseen circumstances," doors had been moved to 10 p.m..

Doors at 10 p.m. isn't an oddity for any show, particularly for any kind of EDM show. Doors at 10 also normally means that an opener might make it on by 10:30, then another by 11:30, and the headliner would go on around 12:30 and play until bar closed.

When I arrived at Warehouse Live at 11, it seemed as though most of the ungodly long line of people were also confused about when the show would start. I heard several people saying that they thought doors were at 9. Most everyone was confused as to why the line was still so long, as word began to spread that Disclosure would be taking the stage at 11:30.

After waiting in line for well over a half hour, I could hear Disclosure take the stage and open their set with "F For You," one of my favorite tracks from their fantastic 2013 release Settle. Thankfully at this point I was almost in the show and I could clearly hear the song through the door. No doubt this was going to be a great set.

Upon walking into the venue just in time to hear the end of the first song, the group called out, "Houston! We are Disclosure! Sorry we're late!" Me too, guys. Me too.

The first impression upon walking in was simple: This band blew up almost overnight and was too big and popular for this venue. Warehouse Live has great sound and normally would make a perfect option for a group like this, but the floor was just absolutely jam-packed.

I quickly realized that there were only two ways to enjoy the show: to have arrived insanely early and plotted out a spot in the front; or to not give a shit about the excessive amount of people continuously crashing into me. It wasn't going to stop and there was absolutely no point in letting it be a bother, because that would only take away from the awesomeness of the show.

Disclosure's stage setup was badass. The two brothers from Surrey, England played off one another well, as can be imagined. The lighting for the show was perfect: Not an annoying amount of strobe at any point, but lights that actually added to the music.

"You and Me" featuring Eliza Doolittle was the next song to garner a huge reaction from the crowd. The serious journalist I am, I wrote "LEGIT!!" super big on my notepad.

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Warehouse Live

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The concert was delayed because Disclosure was stuck in New Orleans due to the ice.  They didn't make it to Houston until Wednesday afternoon.

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