I'm Stuck Living With My In-Laws. Help!


Dear Willie D:

I am sorry for approaching you on this level, especially when this column is more about relationships and personal issues, but I wanted to know will there be another Willie D album? I love Play Witcha Mama and I still bang it to this day like it just came out. I can definitely say that you address topics that people need to hear.

It is a lot of things going on in society right now [sic], and I know that you can put it all in perspective through your music. Other rappers really don't talk about things that are worth even speaking on. I feel this is the reason many of today's youth are headed nowhere fast. Maybe you can talk some sense into them. Thank you.


I am humbled by your support, and interest in my music career. Unfortunately, I'm not feeling the music industry right now. The game is stagnant; however, there are some rappers out there that are very good. It's just that you have to look for them because most of them are not mainstream.

But if you guys keep sending me letters like this, I might get motivated enough to go in on all of the madness you alluded to. Don't say I didn't warn you!


Dear Willie D:

I'm what some people may consider a hunter. I like meeting guys, getting to know them and being intimate with them if the vibe is right. I have a friend who I hang out with and talk on the phone with a lot. Every so often we'll hang out, and I'll invite him in for a nightcap, and of course more sex.

What I really like about being just friends with him is I get to have his hot body all to me, and don't have to stress over whether or not he's being unfaithful. Sometimes when we hang out, I might see a guy friend or a new guy that I want to get to know, and I'll just tell him I'm leaving with the guy.

There's no fussing or trying to explain anything. The next time I talk to him there's no animosity or drama. I like the simplification of it all. For the first 35 years of my life I lived as society wanted me to. Now I'm doing what makes me happy.


If you like it, I love it.


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man i never expected willie D from the GETO BOYS to come out hard like this on the advice column.FINALLY ,a MAN,who is from the same mindset as me i can ask some real stuff too!

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