The Top 10 Misogynistic Songs of 2013

4. "I'm In It," Kanye West
"Black girl sippin' white wine/ Put my fist in her like a civil rights sign." So that's Kanye, rapping about fisting a black girl. I suppose it's okay though, since he's referring to civil rights and once said George Bush hates black people and all? The answer is no.

It's not okay to degrade women in that manner, whether you share the same skin color or not. And just in case you gave him a free pass for that, there's also this. "Eatin' Asian pussy/ All I need was sweet and sour sauce." So he can be sexist and racist at the same time, which is like misogyny multitasking.

3. Okay, all of Yeezus: "On Sight," "Hold My Liquor," etc. Just the whole damn album.
Someone just needs to put Kanye in therapy for his severe dislike of the opposite sex. We just can't with that album.

2. "Love Me," Lil Wayne feat. Drake & Future
This song uses the word "dick" and "bitch" more times than we care to count, and then this happens: "She say 'I never wanna you make you mad/ I just wanna make you proud"/I say 'Baby, just make me cum/ Then don't make a sound,'" and the whole world explodes in a fit of misogyny rage. Is there any reason to elaborate?

1. "U.E.N.O.," Rick Ross
After "U.E.N.O." and the oh-so-romantic lyrics "Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain't even know it/ I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain't even know it," Rick Ross will always take the rape-lyric cake. We completely hate its entire premise. Not awesome.

Writing lyrics about drugging a chick and raping her is always going to make your song the most misogynistic of the year, even if Kanye's trying to come harder and Weezy is using the word bitch like it won't be there tomorrow. There's pretty much nothing that can top those lyrics in the misogyny department, but we know you'll all give it the good old college try again next year.


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WhiteLightning topcommenter

Florida Georgia Line is an abomination. Good call out. Lame losers.


One day left in the year and the author has managed to write the single most unintentionally hilarious piece of "journalism" this side of Salon or Jezebel. Hip-hop has always been blatantly misogynistic, and sure, the lyricism is pretty terrible (despite almost forcing oatmeal out of my nose from laughing) but to pick on something as innocuous as the two country signles listed above, it makes me think the author comes from the camp of the perpetually offended and can't take a joke. It's only music. Deal with it.


Are you saying country songs/acts are incapable of misogyny? Or are you saying even if the lyrics is misogynistic, she's a witch, (typed at work) for pointing it out and should just go along and/or get over it? Tip: if the gender/race/orientation/etc cited/used isn't laughing, it's not a joke, it's an insult. 


@MadMac To find mainstream hip-hop levels of mysoginy in country music, you have to put in the effort to actually find it. It will not be handed to you over terrestrial radio waves. The more I think about it, it becomes more obvious that this list was thrown together rather quickly and carelessly, opting to pick the low-hanging fruit, instead of actually putting in time and effort to research better examples from any genre. "Oh, shit. My list is mostly black (or pretending to be black) artists doing black music. I better throw some white country bumpkins under the bus or people will think I'm racist!"


Verbose, yet neither germane (nor Tito) to my question.

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