The Top 10 Misogynistic Songs of 2013

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Just in case you were wondering, it is probably a good idea to never, ever write a song with the lyrics, "And all she eat is dick/ She's on a strict diet/ That's my baby." Want to know why? Because it's gross and sexist, and not very good advice for women watching their figures, either. A Registered Dietitian you are not, Lil Wayne.

It's probably also not a good idea to write songs about only fucking hos who wear Dolce & Gabbana, or about slipping drugs into a woman's drink in order to sleep with her without her remembering. Those make your lyrics scummy, RiFF RAFF, and rapey, Rick Ross.

So let's start the next year with some lyrics sans the misogynistic tone, please. Perhaps something more introspective than how you treat women as sex objects. As romantic as the words "And girl, I fuck who I want, and fuck who I don't" are, they're a wee bit demeaning and again, slightly rapey. So let's back away from the rape lyrics and come to our senses. And stop blaming the good kush and alcohol. It's getting a bad rap.

If there ever were ten songs guaranteed to set women's-rights advocates into a tizzy, this is it -- our Top 10 misogynistic songs of 2013.

10. "Fine China," Chris Brown
It's Chris Brown. Nothing about this dude is genuine, even when he's attempting to be less disgusting than normal. When he busts out lines like "It's alright/ I'm not dangerous," it makes me feel the exact opposite. And then when he follows it up with, "We can take it slow or act like you're my girl/ Let's skip the basics," it's worse. What in the hell with the acting like it would be an honor to be his "girl?" The song aims for Brown's softer side but ends up fails miserably, heading right back into misogyny.

Also, referring to women as "fine china" is negating any sort of human qualities they hold, because he's kind of referring to them as an object. Like a damn china plate -- a breakable, irreplaceable piece of china -- not a person equivalent to a dude. He couldn't have come up with something better than a damned plate?

9. "Cruise," Florida Georgia Line
So, this: "Yeah, when I first saw that bikini top on her/She's poppin' right out of the South Georgia water/Thought, 'Oh, good lord, she had them long tanned legs!'/ Couldn't help myself so I walked up and said..." and then whatever twangy, "baby you a song" lyrics that follow.

Okay, overly-twangy country dudes. Way to remind women that the only thing about them that matters is a bikini top and some short-shorts because all they're good for is sex. They're just supposed to take those tan legs and hop into the back of your truck to go muddin' all night, because you're that irresistible. Things like that are totally awesome and not sexist at all.

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Florida Georgia Line is an abomination. Good call out. Lame losers.


One day left in the year and the author has managed to write the single most unintentionally hilarious piece of "journalism" this side of Salon or Jezebel. Hip-hop has always been blatantly misogynistic, and sure, the lyricism is pretty terrible (despite almost forcing oatmeal out of my nose from laughing) but to pick on something as innocuous as the two country signles listed above, it makes me think the author comes from the camp of the perpetually offended and can't take a joke. It's only music. Deal with it.

MadMac topcommenter

Are you saying country songs/acts are incapable of misogyny? Or are you saying even if the lyrics is misogynistic, she's a witch, (typed at work) for pointing it out and should just go along and/or get over it? Tip: if the gender/race/orientation/etc cited/used isn't laughing, it's not a joke, it's an insult. 


@MadMac To find mainstream hip-hop levels of mysoginy in country music, you have to put in the effort to actually find it. It will not be handed to you over terrestrial radio waves. The more I think about it, it becomes more obvious that this list was thrown together rather quickly and carelessly, opting to pick the low-hanging fruit, instead of actually putting in time and effort to research better examples from any genre. "Oh, shit. My list is mostly black (or pretending to be black) artists doing black music. I better throw some white country bumpkins under the bus or people will think I'm racist!"

MadMac topcommenter

Verbose, yet neither germane (nor Tito) to my question.

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