The 25 Best Houston Rap Projects of 2013, Nos. 20-16

20. Rosewood Thievz, Enter the Terrordome
No rap tape dug into the most basic components of an old Houston tape better than this one. A guilty pleasure that lasts for over 60 minutes with horrorcore thought processing (waiting for one of the Obama daughters to become legal), Terrordome sounds like anything you may find in the early Geto Boys discography, dusty yet organic, but nothing like Houston rap from 1995 onward. Shocking, isn't it?

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19. BeatKing, Club God 3
Many BeatKing tapes have come before this, and his Astroworld sufficed as a great reminder that club music will forever hold a spot in Houston's dizzying lexicon. HOWEVER, the fullness of Club God 3 showed that Mr. "Throw Dat Ahh" could black out and make these kinds of things in his sleep. He did make like 30 tapes this year, but this is his Sistine Chapel.

18. Paul Wall, #CheckSeason
Somewhere in a galaxy not to far from us, Paul Wall's grill will still shine bright. #CheckSeason, his most recent effort joins the likes of Slim Thug's Boss Life as tapes that went straight to iTunes and dealt with none of the major-label drama and clearance issues. Stunna Bam feature? Check. Odes to drank, getting money and his own greatness? Indeed. Plus, there's a DJ Mustard synth monster with Kid Ink here that should have destroyed every radio this year.

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#20 on Houston PRESS Top 25 Rap Projects of 2013!!! THA THIEVZ IS COMIN!!! 

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