Rage Across Dallas: Rocks Off's Lights All Night 2013 Recap

Photos by Ed Steele
From El Paso's Sun City Music Festival to South Padre's Ultimate Music Experience to Houston's own Something Wicked, Texas ragers have plenty of EDM festival options, even if EDC Texas didn't materialize this year. This past weekend in Dallas, they had another shot at electronic music glory with Lights All Night. Unlike many of the big-time EDM festivals, LAN takes place indoors, in the Dallas Convention Center of all places.

Try imagining a two-day rave at the George R. Brown. Weird, right?

The promoters behind LAN put together such a strong lineup that we temporarily put aside our natural distrust of all things Dallas and made the drive up to take in the show and file this report.

6:36 p.m.
As we head towards the venue, one of the police officers on duty asks someone in a Deadmau5 mask if he or she is a bumblebee. What?

7:15 DJ Green Lantern is playing to a somewhat smaller crowd than he deserves, which is a shame because he does this awesome thing where he mashes up the horns from Kayne's "Blood on the Leaves" with the hook from Jay-Z's "Dirt Off Your Shoulder." It's sick.

7:40 The crowd at the boombox stage gets rowdy the moment heRobust starts his set. This is fine because heRobust is just as good as he was at Something Wicked, but I still think Green Lantern should have gotten more love.

8:05 No one sober has ever thought a reggae version of Dark Side of the Moon was a good idea. Hasn't whomever put together the between-acts playlist heard of the trance version? (Don't actually look that up. It's awful too.)

8:08 A security guard tries to flirt with some girls in the crowd, punctuating the moment with the worst attempt at dancing I've seen recently.

8:26 Is this the first time a kazoo has been played on a Lights All Night stage? That kind of goofiness is right at home in Icona Pop's set, even if it's the worst part of the song.

9:00 Icona Pop was the act I was most curious about on the lineup. Yes, they play dance-inspired pop music, but they also don't scream "EDM festival act." To their credit, they know what they're doing and replace many of their original tracks with EDM-styled remixes. It's so fun I don't mind they cut their set short 15 minutes.

9:03 The real reason I don't mind is because this gives me time to rush over and catch most of Le Castle Vania's set. He drops "Raise the Dead" just as I get over to the Boombox stage, and I get chills when hook kicks in.

9:33 Someone drops an e-cigarette, then picks it up off the venue's already questionable-looking cement floor. Did they go sanitize it? Don't be silly.

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