Vote or Die: The Last VJ's Top Five Videos of the Week

Welcome back to The Last VJ, music fans. As the year comes to a close the music videos just keep getting better and better. Next week, the Last VJ gives everyone a week off from competition in order to celebrate the best of the music video arts from the entirety of 2013. In the meantime, it's one more round of head to head battle for artistic supremacy. Let's see what we dug up this time.

Make sure you vote for your favorite at the end.

Shapeshifter, "Endless"
Coming in strong as the winner last week was Shapeshifter. "Endless" is not just a music video, but a strange and dark short film about the very nature of meaninglessness. Whether it has any real characters at all, or is just the mental delusion of a lonely drunk becoming entranced by the amazing electro-pop as an excuse for one more round is up in the air. Regardless, it was a trip, and deserved every vote that netted it the top spot. Good luck to them on holding it.

Hyperbubble, "A Synthesizer for Christmas"
Hey everybody, it's San Antonio's Hyperbubble! Our internationally acclaimed synth-pop export never seems to get the love it deserves here in their home state, which is sad because every thing they do pulses with electronic love and whimsy.

This Christmas, they've teamed with animator Ambar Navarro to craft a stop-motion short celebrating getting a few beepity-boopity music machines under the tree. It's a lighthearted and happy little pairing that feels positively retro and unabashedly sincere in its joy. What a fantastic and unexpected present.

REWIND: Last Week's Music Video Roundup

Erasure, "Make It Wonderful"
Erasure is on a roll with their series of stop-motion videos from their new Snow Globe album, as directed by Martin Meunier and Tonya Hurley. Their last was a simply stunning meditation on the Latin carol "Gaudete." If possible, "Make it Wonderful" is even more unbelievably amazing.

This go-round, a city is rife with suffering, crime and neglect as criminals, lost children, and suicidal depressives wander the Christmas streets on final journeys towards their own personal falls. Next thing you know, Vince Clarke and Andy Bell swoop in on a convertible sleigh powered by keyboards to restore the holiday spirit. It sounds silly and cheesy, but I swear by every hair in Santa's beard that it is one of the most heartwarming videos ever made. Erasure is making some of the best work of their lives right now.

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  MAKE IT WONDERFUL has no rival , I deem it”s deserving lots of commendations and my vote, surely...


Make it Wonderful by Erasure is the BEST !!!

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