Insane Clown Posse Is the New Beavis and Butt-Head

4. Lady Gaga
Gaga is another "why so serious" artist, which has only gotten worse over the whole course of promoting ARTPOP. Someone needs to take the wind out of those overinflated, naked, yoga-worshipping sails. And considering that both Lady Gaga and ICP sport makeup in unnecessary ways, they can probably handle that job just fine.

3. The Rolling Stones (specifically Mick Jagger)
C'mon! They're old! The Stones need to stop gyrating before they break a hip. ICP knows this, and could help Mick and company out in that area with a little bit of critiquing.

2. Eminem
We'd like to hear Eminem's reaction to ICP heckling his videos. We bet it would be epic, and potentially scary.

1. Kanye
We get the feeling Sir Kanye is on the edge of a serious meltdown. He's losing it on dudes like Sway, who could easily school him in just about everything. Can you imagine what would happen if a couple of grown ass-clowns called him out? We're pretty sure Yeezus would implode in a fit of well-heeled rage.

Lastly, we had "Great Milenko" stuck in our heads as we typed out this blog. That's a first, so thanks, ICP. We appreciate that.


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ICP already had beef with Eminem. Apparently the person who wrote this never heard "Slim Anus?" Damn


Love the ICP Pug

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