Five Trap Christmas Songs to Get Your Party Turnt Up

Christmas is here, food is cooking, family is visiting and presents are waiting to be opened. Now is the time to think about setting the right atmosphere for the occasion. Christmas day is supposed to be a happy day, an exciting day, one full of laughs and merriment. For the love of God, don't bore your family with the same, laid-back Christmas jams you play every year. Take things up a notch and make it a real celebration.

Your family likes trap music, right?

Good. Grab these five songs and throw them into your holiday playlist. Nothing shakes off the cobwebs of "Silver Bells" like some high-hat rolls and bass drops.

RL Grime, "Have a Very Mercy Xmas"

Gents & Jawns, "Turn Up Ye Merry Gentlemen"

Aktion, "The Nutcracker (Christmas Trap Remix)"

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