Chris Gray's 10 Favorite Houston Records of 2013

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Photo by Groovehouse
Electric Attitude at the 2013 Houston Press Music Award showcase
4. Electric Attitude, Skintight & Solid Gold
Electric Attitude works the same retro-R&B grooves as Houston's wildly popular A Fistful of Soul DJ nights, but with far too much hard-rock edge for that tragically hip crowd. Their loss; Skintight & Solid Gold is the septet's mission statement, cinematic and uncompromisingly funky.

3: The Dead Links, High As It Goes
Coming totally out of left field via bygone alt-rockers like the Jesus & Mary Chain and Love and Rockets, the Dead Links' debut LP is industrial but not abrasive, progressive but very pop. This mature, complex album deserves a wider audience than a practically-new band of fortysomethings is likely to find right away, so tell a friend.

2. DJ Sun, One Hundred
Take One Hundred along on your next Houston drive and see if you can cover as much of the city as he does in its 19 tracks. You probably can't. For best results pick a time without heavy traffic, but luckily its laid-back, densely layered grooves will also chill you out at rush hour.

1. Mike Stinson, Hell and Half of Georgia
The diary of a wayward minstrel who already knows he'll be "Late For My Funeral," Hell and Half of Georgia beats back workaday drudgery and romantic frustration with caustic humor, pragmatic optimism and the comforts of home (or the road). It's also a deeply rewarding batch of 11 Grade-A cowpunk/Americana tunes I've hardly stopped listening to since June.



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Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah topcommenter

Wow!! Chris Gray got it right!! Hell and Half of Georgia #1…

Good list..

WhiteLightning topcommenter

Good one. Stinson and gang going out to joust with Bottle Rockets in the spring.

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