Punk Rock and Alleged Sexual Assault: A Timely Story

Beth's words -- true or not -- have mobilized people. Fans have supported the band at shows and encouraged tourmates to not drop from the tour, at the risk of being labeled "rape apologists" and the threat of physical harm.

"Portland did receive two credible threats from skinhead gangs claiming to beat up fans at the show and bring weapons into it," said the band's spokesperson. "We spoke with the promoter and he suggested we either pull out or get police involved, so the band decided not to play the show out of safety for the fans."

Elizabeth Engle is founder of Put Your Damn Pants On. She said she'd never heard of the Casualties before the blog ran and was surprised to learn what a following the band had.

"From what I've gathered, [Beth's] story wasn't really a shock to most of the people reading - there have apparently been rumors about his behavior for a while," Engle said.
"I am really proud of our readers and the way this has been accepted. We did hear there were threats of violence posted on Facebook and other sites -- that is certainly not what we want and I added a note to the end of her post asking people to not do anything violent or illegal.

"The point of the post wasn't to bring down this band," she added. "It was about the reaction she gets when she shares her story with fans -- the way people are ready to dismiss it even when they believe her."

Which, it turns out, isn't always true. Beth did predict the Casualties' fans would come to the band's defense without all the facts, solely because they love the scene or identify with the band. That happened. What she probably didn't expect was how many readers would do the same for her.


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