Buxton 10-Year Anniversary at Fitzgerald's, 11/30/2013

Photos by Jim Bricker
Buxton, Papermoons, Deep Kvts
November 30, 2013

Ten years gone. How the hell did that happen? Long before the New West days, before the band had five members (or six or four or three), and definitely before they all had those adorable little beards, Buxton first started putting pen to paper and pick to strings.

They didn't have a drummer when the band first started, and could have easily been classified in the same category as Dashboard Confessional and other standard emo fare of the early 2000s, but the only thing that mattered was that those youngsters, sitting in their parents' homes in La Porte, decided to start a band with little hope they'd be playing to a packed room of their family, friends and fans a cool decade later.

These five guys have firmly planted themselves into our Houston music culture, and are some of the friendliest dudes you could ever possibly spark up a conversation with. I'm proud to call each and every one of them my good friends, and while that makes it a bit hard to write an unbiased review, there really is no need to worry about it. Even if I were a casual observer and didn't know them personally, I still would have left this show with a beaming smile upon my face.

The evening began with two really great local offerings in the form of Deep Cuts (or Deep Kvts as the kids are calling them these days) and the recently reformed Papermoons. Deep Cuts, have been the talk of the town as of late, and they showed just why with a performance of danceable tracks that were full of jangly guitars and quite heavy on the percussion -- just how they should be. They seemed to have the attention of the growing crowd from start to finish, and I could count on ten hands how many times I overheard people saying that they really dug them.

Papermoons, who haven't really played many live shows in the past three or four years, are finally starting to reemerge from their lengthy hibernation. Their pre-headliner slot gave them a chance to show why they received so many accolades back in the day, and also allowed them to feed the crowd a handful of new songs they've been working on over the past year. While the performance was on the mellow side, it was still really good and showed promise for what's to come from the storied indie-rock duo.

And then Buxton came. Ten years of Buxton, displayed in all of their glory over the course of the evening. The band, who has been busy working on a new record set to be released in 2014, currently consists of lead vocalist and all-around sex kitten Sergio Trevino, the tall and dapper guitar virtuoso Jason Willis, part-time guitarist, part-time organist, some of the time accordionist and all-the-time cutie Austin Sepulvado, ladies' man and drummer extraordinaire Justin Terrell and "the pretty one," bassist Chris Wise. These guys have made up the core of the band for several years now, and were the main focus of the nearly two-hour showcase.

Like any band, Buxton's usual live show focuses mostly on their latest material, only peppering in a few songs from their past. This, though, being a celebration of their entire history as a band, found them playing music from every step of the way. Their new, as-yet-unreleased stuff was still strongly represented, especially with the tasty set-opener "Good as Gone," but it was the classic tunes that we were all there to hear.

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