Houston's 10 Gnarliest Mosh Pits of 2013

Photo by Jim Bricker
3. Black Flag, 8/26/2013
Young punks hoping to experience a bit of the legendary mayhem incited by Black Flag back in the early '80s had to be a bit concerned to find the Walters stage surrounded by barricades when the reconstituted troupe arrived in Houston this August.

Despite the angry signs warning against stage diving (posted by the band, I can assure you), the crowd slammed with elated abandon during the DIY icons' set of classics, pogoing, shoving and stomping around in precisely the manner they'd learned from studying grainy, black-and-white photos of hardcore's heyday.

2. Power Trip, 12/7/2013
When Dallas' thrashcore champions Power Trip come to town, veteran fans who prefer not to be bruised know to stick close to the walls if they want to avoid flying fists and feet. After a busy year that saw the release of the band's Southern Lord debut, Manifest Decimation, Power Trip capped off 2013 with a furious set at Fallcore 13 that inspired the most violent windmills, scissor-kicks and summersaults since, well, the last time they were here. The hardcore dancers' vicious onslaught parted the crowd like Moses did the Red Sea as the more staid scenesters did their futile best to stay out of the way.

Photo by Groovehouse
1. Cannibal Corpse, 5/10/2013
Oftentimes, the best mosh pits are the ones you simply can't get away from. That was certainly the case when death-metal deities Cannibal Corpse arrived ready to stomp Fitzgerald's flat in May for the first night of the Decibel Magazine Tour. The old club was bursting at the seams with rank longhairs, whose nonstop slamming and shoving turned the entire floor of Fitz into a roiling hellscape of exuberant fury unmatched all year long. The very bravest (or maybe just brainless) metal fanatics bounced around with their phones out, recording first-person video of the mosh of 2013.


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Jimi Austin
Jimi Austin

Good call on number one! Fitzgeralds was the perfect venue for Cannibal Corpse. Reminded me of the old days at The Aybss.

Alex Gonzales
Alex Gonzales

Best pits back in my day were 1st kpft benefit at the axiom..exploited at the.axiom. .morbid angel at the axiom..sepultura, sadus, obituary at the axiom..in wish we could go back in time to the good'ol days..

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