Houston's 10 Gnarliest Mosh Pits of 2013

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7. Negative Approach, 11/2/2013
Few bands in history ever spewed bile as angrily as Negative Approach, the hardcore survivors who whipped punks into a nasty little frenzy at Walters last month. Combat-booted punks with a spring still left in their step flew off of the club's small stage like Navy HALO jumpers throughout the group's performance as circle pit after circle pit forced fans to keep one eye on the stage and one eye on the floor to avoid being leveled. Even scowling singer John Brannon curtly nodded his head in approval at the chaos -- the hardcore equivalent of a gracious, ceremonial bow.

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6. Slayer, 11/12/2013
Thrash titans Slayer suffered some big setbacks in 2013, including the death of guitarist/songwriter Jeff Hanneman and the departure of original drummer Dave Lombardo. Nevertheless, the band continues to soldier on, speedy and evil as ever. Their November gig at Bayou Music Center was a tad tamer than many Slayer shows I can recall, mostly due to it falling on a Monday night.

Luckily, plenty Slayer fans are completely insane, and managed to batter one another with sociopathic precision in the pit with little regard for work or school the next morning. If you've never taken a forearm to the throat during "Angel of Death," chances are you don't quite "get" Slayer, and probably never will.

5. Bickley, 7/20/2013
21st-century appearances by local punks Bickley are a rare treat, indeed, and when the resolutely scatological group popped up onstage as part of 30footFALL's 20th anniversary show this summer, fans were in no mood to hold back. Sloshing beer all over each other and screaming along with much-loved old chestnuts like "Fuckwall" and "Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight," the young and young-at-heart in the crowd shoved, stumbled and swung through a raucous set that easily rivaled the headliners' for sheer nostalgic glee.

4. The Dillinger Escape Plan, 7/27/2013
After enduring a pummeling slate of extreme acts on the Summer Slaughter Tour in July, the crowd at House of Blues took a bit to kick into high gear for the anarchic Dillinger Escape Plan. Soon, however, there was no escape from the insanity, with pits breaking out all over the floor.

Rocks Off dispatcher Corey Deiterman reported that two people had to be dragged out of the carnage after being knocked the fuck out, but even the police officers on hand found themselves unable (or perhaps merely uninterested) to stem the chaos.

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Jimi Austin
Jimi Austin

Good call on number one! Fitzgeralds was the perfect venue for Cannibal Corpse. Reminded me of the old days at The Aybss.

Alex Gonzales
Alex Gonzales

Best pits back in my day were 1st kpft benefit at the axiom..exploited at the.axiom. .morbid angel at the axiom..sepultura, sadus, obituary at the axiom..in wish we could go back in time to the good'ol days..

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