The Top Five Houston Music Videos of 2013

In 2012 Houston surprised the hell out of me by producing some truly incredible music videos by local artists. The Manichean took video of the year in our annual roundup, but several other artists made more than respectable showings. Truly, we're finally catching up in that regard.

This almost-past year didn't produce quite as many unspeakably brilliant local gems as last year did, but there were definitely five really top-notch pieces of cinemaudio that deserve to be revisited. So raise a glass, guys, to another round that shows off what H-Town can do. Here's to 2014 being even better.

5. Mike Terror, "Snakes 'N' Fakes"
The debut video from our own dark industrial vaudevillian is a raucous club affair full of blood, cleavage, bathroom sex, and a thorough denouncement of all things fake and phony. It's definitely an accomplishment in scope, featuring extras by the score and really pulling of a degenerate atmosphere. As far as first tries go, it proves that Terror has some great potential in film as he does in music.

4. James Caronna, "The Devil Made a Home"
I cannot overstate how much I enjoyed 2013's evolution of James Caronna from a forgettable acousti-pop act into something deeper and more hurtful. Following a bad break with his family over Caronna leaving the church, Caronna's music turned darkly inward, and that personal journey resulted in a haunting re-enactment that cemented him as a voice to be reckoned with.

3. Worhol, "The Darkness"
Ashley Worhol and the band she founded with her father was a surprise to your humble narrator, who thought he knew every vaguely gothic act in and around Houston. Her spirited, darksome tale of stalkers in the woods set to her groovicilous goth metal was an accidental discovery that landed them the winning spot in our weekly Last VJ column for a solid three weeks in a row.

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Now if Featherface's music was worth listening to.... oh, never mind, it's all about the presentation. I forgot. 

JefWithOneF topcommenter

@WhiteLightning In music videos it's not ALL a bout the presentation, but it is half about it. That's why I don't cover more rap videos. Standing in front of a place you like while you talk with your hands is not a compelling visual narrative. It's also why I never cover simple performance vids no matter how good the song is.

This is a magical medium, the music video. It's film where there are no words, only song. It's not a commercial, or a stand-in for live performance. It's meant to be unique. I thought these five did that the best this year. If you think someone did better, make sure you send them my way. I'm always looking for a good video. 

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