I Came Into Money, Now Everybody Wants Some. Help!


Dear Willie D:

I'm a sociology professor at a major university. After reading your column for the past several months I decided to share one of your readers' story -- "My Ex Made Me a Dog" -- and your sagacious response. Your advice is a combination of sensibility, strength and tough love. My students were so engaged that many of them stayed several minutes after class was over to talk more.

Because your column is so informative and stimulating, I decided to give my students consideration for extra credit in reference to assignments related to Ask Willie D. Basically what I do is pick a subject from your column each week to discuss. Then the class examines your viewpoint and each student submits his or her own written response.

Since installing your advice column in the curriculum, I have noticed that my students are more engaged than before. Thank you for sharing.


The pleasure is all mine.


Dear Willie D:

I live in California and we have a politician that's been in the same office for over 20 years. The job he holds pays less than $90,000 per year but he spent over $800,000 of his personal money on his reelection campaign to stay in power. But that was crumbs compared to the $74 million New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg once spent to get reelected to a post that only pays $225,000 annually.

I smell corruption. So my question is, how does law enforcement and people who pride themselves on being so smart and astute observers of the political landscape allow politicians to get away with the crap they do?

Citizen Pain:

Corruption runs so deep in the annals of American politics that people are just tired of fighting. It's obvious that many politicians are lining their pockets with back-door deals from showing favor to certain contractors, lobbyists and those with financial influence. When we vote, we vote for individuals to represent the people, not corporations, but our elected officials have sold us out. Bribes are illegal, and lobbying is no different.

If America wants to regain her integrity and trust in the world, I say ban monetary incentives for lobbyists, and put a 4-8 year term limit on all members of Congress. Oh, and when politicians violate the laws that they swear to uphold, send them on an iron vacation and force them to sit on the lap of a musclehead inmate named Big Frisky while he reads them a law book every night.

If any of us ever want to experience a government of the people, by the people, for the people, that would be a good start.


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