Alejandro Fernandez at Toyota Center, 11/30/2013

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Photos by Violeta Alvarez
Alejandro Fernandez
Toyota Center
November 30, 2013

Alejandro Fernandez has had a long and varied career, moving from singing rancheras like his famous dad to singing lush ballads to singing Spanish pop to singing -- gasp! -- in English to becoming a sort of Mexican music Everyman. It was that Everyman who showed up to the Toyota Center on Saturday night. During his two and a half-hour show (no opening act), Fernandez morphed from a Rat Pack-cool crooner to Unplugged star to a mariachi singer in full regalia: uber-tight pants, big hat, the works.

Touring in support of his latest release, Confidencias, Fernandez performed three segments. The first was his Las Vegas show, the second his (almost) acoustic set and third his mariachi roundup. He sprinkled old favorites -- "Tantia Pena" and "Como Quien Pierde un Estrella"-- in with cuts from Confidencias such as "Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti" and "Me Olvide de Vivir." (On the CD, the first is a sexy duet with Christina Aguilera and the second a melancholy tune he performs with his dad, Vicente Fernandez.)

Two things were striking about his performance: he's got some great arrangements and his voice seemed to get stronger as the night went on. With a 12-piece band on-stage (and I suspect a few backing tracks), Fernandez managed to keep from being overwhelmed, if not by the musicians' talents then by the sheer amount of sound they produced. The arrangements supported his performance so the musicians never took center stage. Fernandez has an easy grace onstage, clearly enjoying performing.

If there are any weak points in the show, they're all visual (his performance was flawless). First, his backup singers badly need a choreographer, new costumes and maybe a vocal coach. Their routines resembled discarded moves from the old Motown girl groups, their outfits were distracting and Fernandez sounded better when they weren't onstage. Even as eye candy, they added nothing to the show.

Second, the background videos playing on a giant screen behind the stage seemed to be random clips from his music videos at best and a grab bag of stock video at the worst. (Note to video producer: Day of the Dead scenes aren't always appropriate to all Mexican shows everywhere.) Third, the set was a bit random. Big curtains of white material, flying white fabric lampshades, it never once made visual sense.

And finally, the light board operator kept leaving Fernandez in the dark mid-bow. Let the guy take his bow, why don't you?

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Toyota Center

1510 Polk, Houston, TX

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My husband and I were at the concert Saturday night and I agree with Dr. Alvarez, Alejandro Fernandez he could sing his ass off. But the crowd that is sometime to say for, I think some of these people have never been out to a concert before. Drunk and loud and loud, I had to ask one of the usher to please tell these women to sit down and shut up after I told them that we paid good money for these tickets to hear Alejandro sing not them.

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