The 25 Best Music Videos of 2013 Nos. 20-16 (NSFW)

The countdown continues! Yesterday gave us Nick Cave in smutty existential perfection, a drunken electronic whirl through a Japanese city, poor Geoffrey O'Connor lamenting his lost lesbian love outside a limo, an unbelievable rendition of Legend of Zelda tunes on the violin, and the stark beauty of Baby Alpaca. Now it's time to up the ante with a couple of the most shocking music videos to come out this year, and the rise of a new mainstream juggernaut.

REWIND: The 25 Best Music Videos of 2012, Nos. 25-21

20. Lewis Watson, "Even If"
There's an unappreciated subset of music videos that I love, and that's sad dudes surrounded by hot women doing sexy things acting totally oblivious. There's just something incredibly disconnecting about it, and Lewis Watson sells it with utter brilliance. Throw in the fact that he's laying down some wonderful acoustic pop, and you end up with a quality product.

19. Jungle, "The Heat"
I dare you, I absolutely double-dog dare you, to watch the High Rollaz take Jungle's Chromeo-esque freshness and turn it into a ballet of rollerskates without grinning like an idiot. It belongs up there with Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice" in regards to the singular power of dancing in a music video. As far as I'm concerned this should be an Olympic event.

18. Jackson and his Computerband, "G.I. Jane (Fill Me Up)" (NSFW)
Easily one of the most shocking and sexual of music videos to come out in 2013 was from Jackson and his Computerband. Myzyk & Moriceau's animated presentation is an ode to castration fantasies, following a woman constantly beset by unwanted cock who fights back with bloody, brutal results. It's exactly the sort of uncomfortable art that can be weaponized against rape culture. Good show, but watch at your own risk.

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