The 25 Best Music Videos of 2013, Nos. 25-21

It was another exceptional year for music videos, and Rocks Off scoured literally hundreds to track down the 25 that really broke the mold and showed the world the art of the music video is alive and well. From now until New Year's Eve, we'll be counting down the absolute best, so tune in every day for the year's most amazing offerings.

REWIND: The Best Videos of 2012

The Best Videos of 2011

25. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, "Jubilee Street" (Uncensored Version, NSFW)

Now, Mr. Cave's stance on having his music videos judged and put in competition is well-known (And awesome), so I would like to formally state that "Jubilee Street" sits here at the very bottom of the list not for some lack of quality, but to adhere to his wishes that his muse not do battle against other art.

There was no way I was letting a best-of-the-year video list exist without including it, though, because it is a work of dark, sexy majesty full of hopelessness, lust, and a dream of transcendence. Even for a man known for great music videos, this was a triumph.

24. Shapeshifter, "Endless"
"Endless" was quite a genius little project, being in and of itself a music video about listening to the song. A lonely and depressed Japanese drunk convinces a tired barkeep to allow one more round as they spin the song, with the drunk feigning interest in the name of continued inebriation.

Soon, the electronic melody has him dreaming of other people's lonely lives in busy city streets. The tone is almost Lynchian, and the exotic setting adds considerable verve to the video. Great stuff all around.

23. Geoffrey O'Connor, "Jacqueline"
One of the more seriously underrated videos of the year was this wonderfully retro piece by Geoffrey O'Connor. He stars as a limo driver being forced to wait patiently outside the car as the object of his desire makes out with her girlfriend and he sings forlornly of his broken heart. It also has the greatest line I've ever heard in a love song, "Her nipples pointed to the sky." No one's topping that anytime soon.

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