That Girl: An Engagement Story in Four Songs

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The bride-to-be and her best man.
One recent Sunday, I watched my best friend propose to his longtime girlfriend of more than a year.

I know how much weight that particular statement makes, but considering all the factors here, this was a big damn deal for all parties involved. Never in our natural lives did we completely think the marriage bug would creep upon us so fast, but it happened to him.

You can start tossing a bunch of your own thoughts into the moment, like, "God I hope I don't mess this up for them," but then you reel yourself back in and tell yourself, "Holy shit, this is happening for my friend and I get to watch it. This isn't about me. I can calmly sit back and watch this unfold without even saying a word."

But I said something, while he somewhat froze up and got nervous. Because that's what friends do. He eventually finished, the giant crowd inside of the Woodlands Marriott Conference Room went ballistic as if Case Keenum walked around kissing every baby around and the bride to be eventually said yes.

Now, I can't tell the entirety of their romance but I know their eventual road towards taking their first dance as Mr. & Mrs. involves a near-car accident. They'd seen each other on the University of Houston campus for years and then it just didn't happen. Then a chance encounter while the soon-to-be bride was on a date with someone else happened, and the two wound up exchanging numbers. I'm pretty certain that guy is cursing the heavens on the girl he lost, but whatevs.

Love is strange like that, and in particular, so is the music that probably shaped their relationship.

Daft Punk, "Get Lucky"
The moment Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" debuted this year, my friend immediately soaked it up. On the same night he, my other best friend who is more like a giant version of me, only far more handsome and funny went out, this played. On constant loop. So much so thanks to a few drinks the bride-to-be was out the window down Westheimer singing the song.

Suffice to say, Daft Punk will factor somewhere into their wedding playlist.

Justin Timberlake, "That Girl"
You want to know how you can perfectly cue up a song about your favorite woman in the world? It's about that moment when you kind of aren't paying attention but you notice her. And time stands still for a second and you don't even think about how you owe all this money on a bill or two or probably double-parked in a fire lane and are about to get hassled by traffic cops.

You hear the opening chords of Justin Timberlake's "That Girl" from the first 20/20 Experience and the clouds begin opening up. Its this particular moment where my friend, a man so in love with the perceived woman of his dreams, did damn near any and everything to get Justin Timberlake tickets for her. He succeeded somehow, and both of them are heading to that show next month.

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