The Best Things We Overheard at Fun Fun Fun Fest

Photos by Marco Torres
Now those are a couple of keep-drinking outfits.
"This is keep-drinking food!"
-- A guy really excited that we both had pizza

"He kind of looks like a Nazi. I find it oddly attractive."

"I wanna do something entertaining."

-- An eight-year-old to her dad after about ten seconds of The Chromatics' cover of "Into The Black." Kids these days.

REWIND: The Best Things at Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013

"That's going to be real hard to follow up."

-- Glass Candy's Johnny Jewel on the burden of taking the stage after a Taco Cannon, a cannon that shoots tacos

"That is crap. That is not good. That is poison."
- Someone trying to stop a friend from eating a Twinkie

"You can't wear furry boots to shoot skeet? What kind of America is this?"

-- Twin Shadow wore boots to shoot skeet, but his instructor wasn't impressed

Bro A: "See that sombrero over there? I want that one."
Bro B: "I've seen bigger."

(Different) Bro A: "Where did those bitches go?"
Bro B: "I don't know."
Bro A: "Fuck 'em. Its just you and me now, buddy."

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