The Best Things at Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013

Photo by Marco Torres
It Combines So Many Different Things I Love
Friday night I got to stand outside and watch professional wrestling while a reunited Quicksand played a set. It's great to live in a world where that sentence is a thing that's real. CORY GARCIA

The Weather
Friday night was a bit chilly, but cloud cover on Saturday and Sunday kept temps just perfect and helped prevent nasty festival sunburn. BRITTANIE SHEY

photo by Marco Torres
Ice-T rockin out for his fans.
Ice-T and Body Count
This was the set I was most excited for this weekend, and Ice and his gang definitely delivered. The sound and energy was a ferocious, in-your-face, "fuck you" to the po-po, and a treat for the OG Body Count fans in the crowd. Oh, and T's wife Coco looked fabulous as always. MARCO TORRES

This Woman Hula-Hooped During Flatbush Zombies
I bet this doesn't happen at most Flatbush Zombie shows. CORY GARCIA

The Teens
For the first time I can remember, the crowd was full of adorable, well-behaved teens and preteens, sans parental escorts. I watched one girl get her shoulder-length hair shaved in the Birds Barbershop tent for charity. It made me recall my own early exposure to music and how it shaped my life. BRITTANIE SHEY

This Buffalo Chicken Sandwich changed my life
In a city full of great food, and a festival where your options included gourmet hot dogs, tacos, pizza, Aussie Pies, crepes, and much more, this sandwich from and waffle fries combo from Johnnye's Eat Texas Soul food truck was the clear winner. I may have suffered with heartburn after consuming it, but damn it was so worth the pain! MARCO TORRES

The Black Stage Security Not Being Draconian
I can't speak for the entire weekend, but during sets by Melt Banana and The Descendents, tons of folks where able to get up on the stage extension and stage-dive. Milo even high-fived a few folks who made it up there. All the while security just let things happen without busting skulls. CORY GARCIA

The Black Stage
The lineup here is a perennial favorite and it's the only place to safely stage-dive. BRITTANIE SHEY

I waiting to take a photo of Geto Boys' Bushwick Bill, he ask me to take a photo with him!
This H-Town legend was super, duper nice! MARCO TORRES

Photo by Cory Garcia
This Guy In a Wheelchair Crowd Surfing During The Descendents
The Descendents killed it Saturday night, playing to a crowd that loved the hell out of them, including this fellow in a wheelchair. Yeah, it did almost bring a tear to my eye. CORY GARCIA

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MY fave sets of the weekend: Quicksand, FLAG, Bleached, Chromatics, Ice-T, Pelican (at Red 7), Judge, The Julie Ruin, Gojira and \m/ SLAYER \m/ (of course)!

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