The 10 Worst Album Covers to Get as Tattoos (NSFW)

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We like you guys. We like seeing you out at shows, and we like writing for you, even when we don't agree on the semantics of one blog or another. We're tight like that. You can hate on our lists, and we'll still think you're pretty cool.

But you know what's not cool? Ugly band tattoos, which seem to be an epidemic as of late. But don't worry. Because we like you, we're here to help keep you from making poor tattoo decisions. You know, like that misshapen Black Flag tattoo you're sporting on your forearm. Those are never a good idea. Neither was that blink-182 tattoo.

As a sort of PSA, we've compiled some more album art that will make for bad tattoos, so please pay attention. We don't want to have to hear you lamenting that unfortunate Death Grips tattoo next time we run into you.

10. Throwin' Down, Rick James
Rick James' song "Mary Jane" may be the greatest ode to reefer ever recorded, but that doesn't mean it gives you a pass to tattoo a Rick James album, or anything remotely inspired by one, on your body.

We'll even let you still get away with the phrase "I'm Rick James, bitch!", but you still may not tattoo this Conan-meets-Dominatrix mess on anything or anyone. We don't think you could ever recapture the glorious nature of those braids, no matter how good the tattoo artist.

9. Brown Reason To Live, Butthole Surfers
Everyone likes the Butthole Surfers, right? We do too, even if some of their stuff is borderline garbage. "Pepper" was pretty sweet, and these dudes are from Texas, so we can't rag on 'em too hard. But this album art is not one of their redeeming qualities.

And even if you're their biggest fan, you shouldn't use this album cover as inspiration for your next tattoo, no matter how much you like their weird-ass music. You'll look like you have a line of Dale Gribble exposing his junk tattooed on your thigh, and the only way that's acceptable is if you also tattoo John Redcorn on the other thigh.

8. Waking and Dreaming, Orleans
As glorious as this Orleans album cover is, with all the nekkid-ass nekkid men and the monochromatic hair color happening, we still think this -- or anything like it -- is not the way. I mean, if you want a tattoo of a bunch of hairy, shirtless dudes, there are way better options. Like perhaps just not doing that at all, ever.

Also, we all understand the importance of a little wax and trim these days, right? No Shave November does not excuse anyone from a little bit of manscaping now and then. Even on your tattoos.

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Matthew Ashton
Matthew Ashton

Now can we get the top 10 album covers you SHOULD get tattooed?

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