Slim Thug Takes That #BossLife to His People

photos by Marco Torres
(L-R) Southside Smoke Shop Owner Jimmy Gates, Slim Thug, & Slim's manager Hev
Slim Thug is riding around the city in a $100K cream-colored Bentley. In the trunk, he has multiple boxes full of "that work." Earlier in the week, Slim released his newest mixtape, Boss Life, and a week before that, he introduced the designs from his new clothing line. So "that work" consists of CDs and T-shirts, and he is distributing the items directly to his fans, one barber and smoke shop at a time.

According to his manager, the last time Slim used these tactics was sometime back in 1999 or 2000. "Nothing has changed, just the cars," he says with a laugh. "Since '98, I've been straight, started shining out the gate, reppin that Nawf on tape" is how he introduces us to the #BossLife on the tape's first track.

But in fact, a lot has changed. Gone are the dreads and the tall white tees. He was independent, then signed to Pharrell's Star Trak/Interscope label, took his world tour, and now... "Bitch I'm back!"

But he's still the same OG, and he will tell you that he's been "gettin' money, poppin pints, smokin' kush, and holding it down for a long time," but with the long years of patience and paying dues, now he can truly be the "Boss of All Bosses."

However, this boss doesn't just sit back on his throne, waiting for his money to appear. A true boss gets down and dirty with his people.

"I'm teaching the younger generation of rappers that its not okay to think yourself too cool for these streets, mayne," says Slim as he collects money, slangs another CD, finds another shirt size, and takes a photo for an admiring fan in the parking lot of Southside Smoke Shop. This is how #PopTrunkShop operates, with the big man running point.

The travelling store on wheels began in earnest at last Sunday's 97.9 FM The Box Los Magnifico's Car Show & Concert, where the Boss Hogg Outlaw sold out of merchandise. After a late-night listening party on Monday night, he and his team re-upped and hit the Northside Houston streets on Tuesday. They began at a car wash off North Houston-Roslyn, then hit the barber shops in the area. He even opened shop before and after his guest performance with Propain at Warehouse Live that night.

REWIND: Propain at Warehouse Live, 11/19/2013

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Ben Boven
Ben Boven

Um, none of those guys are Bruce Springsteen. Just sayin'....

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