Rusko at House of Blues, 11/22/2013

Photos by Julian Bajsel
House of Blues
November 22, 2013

In the 1990s, rave culture abounded. During this time, great DJs became well known and electronic dance music (now known simply as EDM) became a legitimate and respected form of music. Trance, Drum and Bass, House, and Jungle infused countless speakers. Of course, like any other scene, drugs were present, and a distinctive fashion was associated with the parties. As the DJs grew in popularity and the music became more accessible, the desire to be a part of the drug and fashion culture started to overtake the music, and soon the '90s techno scene died, strangled by idiots who loved to openly talk about how much they loved Ecstasy while wearing laughably large pants.

Fast-forward to 2013, the year the music once again died. Rusko's House of Blues show on Friday night was a showcase of the hilarity involved with today's EDM scene and a clear representation of what's gone wrong with today's techno. Despite Rusko's killer set, the show was not at all about him but rather the scene he was offering.

I missed the first opener because I was too busy getting my purse dissected by one of the hundred security guards/cops/ID checkers outside. After having half my belongings taken away from me at the door because today's idiot youth apparently tarnish everything with Molly, I heard some opener that sounded vaguely British repeatedly saying "Fuck" over and over and over.

"Put your fucking hands up!" "Make some fucking noise!" "Are you fucking out there?" "Fucking Houuuuusssston!!!" More like, shut the fuck up. Play some fucking music. Unfortunately, what he did play reminded me a lot of my "lazer" button on my first Casio keyboard.

The crowd was collectively 16 years old, from what I could tell. I didn't check IDs to verify this, but I doubt half of them even had IDs to check. I am not saying this strictly to be rude. Let me make it very clear that I used to go to Sunday Night dance party every week when I was 14, and I definitely did not have a state-issued ID. But once I got there, a variety of ages and faces would be inside. Moreover, the people there were ready to dance. They weren't there just for a scene.

Two things were extremely evident to me upon making my first rounds of the venue: 1) There would never be a bar line, ever. Ever. 2) This was totally about the scene of seeing and being seen, and very few people came to this show to dance or because they legit like techno. It's just what you are "supposed" to do now, and when any kind of music gets to that point, it's dead for awhile.

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House of Blues

1204 Caroline, Houston, TX

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EDM is not 'dying,' it is literally bigger than it has ever been. You went to a show at a venue owned and operated by live nation so im sure it sounded awesome but yea security will be over-intense and everything will be expensive. 

Also, this music is very popular with teenagers, who have always been the lifeblood for many acts and tours

But you forgot to mention that all of this is his fault!! If he didnt so often fulfill the stereotype of a dickhead raging drunk brit than he would've played at stereo live where the show belongs.

Jason Smith
Jason Smith

I'm here to pose and buy $10 beers. Looks like I came to the right place!

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