10 More Houston Acts You Should Be Listening To

Back in September Rocks Off brought you our choices for "10 Houston Acts You Should Be Listening To." But this is an action town.

Photo by Amanda J. Cain
Texas bands have been mingling rock and Tex-Mex sounds for a couple of generations now with some pretty spiffy results, if the names Sir Douglas Quintet and Joe "King" Carrasco mean anything to you. Now we have Deep Cuts, who sprang out of warmly regarded local indie-rockers The Ride Home a couple of years ago. Their activity looks like it's picking up: they're playing Buxton's ten-year anniversary show this coming Saturday and our own Houston Press Artopia on January 26.

Although Deep Cuts' output is limited so far -- an EP in 2011 and now "Slow Descent," from an album they promise is forthcoming -- it's got enough jangle and echo to easily catch the fancy of Band of Horses or Featherface fans. It's enough that we know Deep Cuts can do a little bolero ("Meta Girl") or Flamenco-style guitar flourishes; somebody get these boys a Vox organ and see what they can do with that. CHRIS GRAY

REWIND: 10 Houston Acts You Should Be Listening To

This band may be saddled with the unfortunate and unnecessary clarification that they're the Texas Die Young -- not the California one -- but their music is unburdened by such trivial matters. Instead these melodic hardcore masterminds have been kicking Houston's ass and educating us with their high-minded sociopolitical lyrics since 2002.

They broke up in 2009, but fear not: perhaps inspired by the new wave of hardcore in Houston, they're reuniting for Fallcore Fest at Walters on December 7, and will be recording two new records in 2014 to show these kids how it's done. COREY DEITERMAN

Photo by Cody Bess
Finnegan have had a quiet couple of years, but their reemergence has the local music community buzzing. In 2012, the members were busy getting married and starting families, but this year they've made more time to gig -- they played this past Friday at Walters -- and, even more exciting, record a few new tunes. The seven-member group's wide-ranging sound includes duet-style harmonies, intricate melodies and heartfelt lyrics. With so many families now in tow, Finnegan's sophomore release is sure to be even more emotive than the band's first album. MATTHEW KEEVER

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Owen Dunn
Owen Dunn

maybe do a stand up comedian one?

gossamersixteen topcommenter

Where is purapharm or the tontons you creatins?!?!


@gossamersixteen They are trying to introduce a new crop of bands. Those bands are far more established,and  they don't need any introductions. 

gossamersixteen topcommenter

Kind of an excuse when those bands are some of the best bands in Houston.. Newer isn't always better, unless you're in marketing.


@gossamersixteen You do realize that I didn't disagree with you?  I'm not a Purapharm fan,but their hustle is on point. They are just opening up the gates. Tons of press has been given to both bands you mentioned. You can always start your own blog if you're that upset about it.


your statement is plain stupid. I am curious to see what else is out there and i'm glad this article was written so i can see what shows to hit up since i can't make it to all of them. You have fun with just sticking to the same 3 bands.

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