The 10 Best Kanye West Items on Etsy

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I have a slight obsession with Kanye West because I simultaneously recognize that he is really a genius while at the same time acknowledge that's a Hollywood fathead who isn't nearly as genius as he thinks he is. The result is a strange figure that elicits devotion, obsession, mockery, and honest zeal among his fandom. Today we take to the 1s and 0s of Etsy to see what those fans have created in his honor.

10. "Monster" embroidery
Nothing says hip-hop like embroidery, and I mean that literally. See, it is actually saying something, in the above case a lovely circular cursive rendering of a line from West's "Monster" on a soft floral fabric. According to the creator, Gently Bent, the hand-stitched square can easily be cut down and sewn on your favorite jacket or bag. The sentiment has a kind of hidden brilliance, almost Serial Mom in a way.

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9. Candles
Considering the controversy West ignited for appearing as Jesus Christ on the cover of Rolling Stone, it's only natural that you would want to complete the image with some wonderful religious candles. Covers on Wax specializes in these recreations of album artwork on your beloved Dia de los Muertos candles, and his execution of The College Dropout is a pretty damned good piece of work. The candles are unscented.

8. Poster
Kanye deserves some credit for opening up the rap world to more electronic elements by sampling Daft Punk on 2007's "Stronger." The helmeted duo appeared on this year's Yeezus, and it looks like a fully function, cross-genre bromance is indeed in full swing. Celebrate this meeting of the minds with a gigantic poster by Amazonas Posters. Printed with "the latest printer technology," it comes in eight pieces for assembly at home. Board to mount not included.

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