Let's Help These People Make a Fun Fun Fun Fest Love Connection

Photos by Marco Torres
With the possible exception of traffic, there is no easier and worse place to fall in love than at a concert. There you are, minding your own business, soaking in the sounds, when you see that one person who just takes your breath away. You don't know anything about them other than that they make your heart race and that it's very likely they have good taste in music.

You make eye contact. They flash you a smile. You end up standing next to each other singing along. Everything is great and the world is a beautiful place. Then the show ends and you and the temporary object of your affection part ways, perhaps never to cross paths again.

When you consider the amount of people that hit a festival like Fun Fun Fun Fest, it's no surprise there were a ton of people who found love and then saw it walk out the festival gates.

Some of them refuse to let love walk away so easily.

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Enter Craigslist, that digital den of chaos you use to find cheap furniture, freelance writing gigs, and casual encounters. The site have a section for missed connections where people try and find those temporary objects of affection in hopes of making them something a little more permanent.

Over the last few days, folks have turned to Craigslist in hopes of finding that special someone with whom they shared a moment at Auditorium Shores. I can't help but remember the old days when I too used to fall temporarily in love at shows, and knowing that these people haven't let go of the dream yet just warms my heart.

With that in mind, I present a few of these missed connections in hopes that one of you out there is the person being searched for. After all, music may not be the most important thing when it comes to compatibility, but it is important.

rjd2 fun fun fun -- m4w (auditorium shores)

you popped up next to me at rj near the end of his amazing set. you had bangs and black hair and red lipstick on. I cant remember much else other than you were extremely cute and we smiled at each other a few times while dancing. i saw you call out to a stockier (maybe asian?) looking guy as the show finished and i had to run off.

weird if you see this on here but fuck why not give it a shot!

RJD2 played at the same time as Snoop Lion and FLAG, so that eliminates a good chunk of the crowd as the potential missed connection. Whether that hurts or helps the search is something only the fates know.

More missed connections on the next page.

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