Top Five Must-See Punk/Hardcore Bands at Fun Fun Fun Fest

Photo by Groovehouse
Slayer at Bayou Music Center in September 2010
This year's Fun Fun Fun Fest lineup is arguably one of the better offerings since its induction, eight years ago -- with a particularly keen sample of musical nostalgia for punk and hardcore lovers of the '80s and '90s. And since I am neither of those things but my talented and knowledgeable husband is...

Here are five must-see FFFF bands, as told by Houston scene alum Gilbert Alfaro (of Spain Colored Orange, Blueprint, Refuse to Fall, etc. etc.)

Photo by Groovehouse
Descendents at Free Press Summer Fest 2012
5. Descendents
Anyone who knows early melodic punk music from early 80s, knows who the Descendents are... And if you don't, you need to. If you're not familiar with this band and enjoy melodic punk (now less accurately dubbed, "pop-punk"), I would recommend giving the album Milo Goes To College a few listens before seeing them at the festival. It's a classic and all-time favorite of mine--well loved by any true punk-fanatic.

4. Slayer
Reign In Blood and South of Heaven--need I say more? If you were into punk rock, heavy metal, thrash metal or anything of the like as young kid, you had to hear and see Slayer. It didn't matter what your mom and dad thought...

I remember seeing promo pictures of these guys in metal magazines and thinking, "Whoa!" So, I caught the bus to the nearest record store, bought Reign In Blood on cassette, threw it in my Walkman (no iPods back in the golden age...) and gave it a listen. Being a young teenager and listening to "Angel of Death" for the first time... I can't really describe it, but my mind was blown. Everything a teenage boy needed was there: insanely fast thrash, almost punk-like music, check; over-the-top satanic lyrics, check; screaming and growling vocals, check; album cover that freaks you out but you love regardless, check; (most importantly) your mom & dad HATE it, check... I've seen Slayer five times live and have never, ever been disappointed. This is an absolute must-see at FFF Fest.

3. Quicksand
Not too many people are familiar with Quicksand, but they should be. I think Quicksand is one of those rock bands that were a little ahead of their time. It's kind of hard to describe -- think rock but with very choppy guitar riffs and catchy vocal melodies. I've seen them once back in the '90s at the Abyss, and they were awesome!

Quicksand was like an all-star band to East Coast hardcore lovers. The lineup consisted of Walter Schreifels of Gorilla Biscuits and Youth of Today, combined with members of Bold & Burn. If you were in the straightedge scene in the late '80s early '90s, you knew who Quicksand was. If you're not familiar with the band and want to take a listen, get the Slip LP and prepare to fall hard (no pun intended...).

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Cro-Mags and Subhumans, too!  and Judge!  and Total Chaos!


Whaaaat?  No mention of The Locust? 

I guess they maybe aren't very "punky", though.

Sandra Travis
Sandra Travis

I just messaged her for details. Damn you (but really love you), Autumn!

Autumn Holcomb
Autumn Holcomb

Jim and Sandra! Cheap 3 day passes. You know you want them.

Judith Cruz Villarreal
Judith Cruz Villarreal

Me!! Some of my friends can't make it so I'm helping sell their 3day passes. Message me for details. Cheap!

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