After Unraveling, Dir En Grey Regroups and Returns

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Photo by Marc Brubaker
Dir En Grey at House of Blues, December 2011
Looking back, I can admit now that I wasn't quite prepared for my first Dir En Grey experience when I covered the band's performance at House of Blues a couple of years ago. At the time, I thought I had a pretty good handle on every permutation of heavy metal under the sun, but after walking into the show blind, my eyes were opened very quickly.

REWIND: Dir En Grey at House of Blues, 12/4/2011

What I discovered that night was a band with all the heavy crunch of a Korn or an Opeth that also liked to show off sparkling pop songcraft as well as bizarre, expressive noise arrangements -- oftentimes in the same tune. They just so happened to speak Japanese. And their outrageously passionate fan base seemed to consist primarily of young women.

Now, Dir En Grey certainly pay attention to their looks, but the ladies showed up for the music, too. It's an intriguing, uniquely Japanese mish-mash of nu-metal, death, J-rock and noise that's simply impossible to classify. Easy to bang along to, though. And that's just what fans will be doing tonight when the group from Osaka takes the stage at Scout Bar.

Despite singing almost exclusively in Japanese, there's no communication barrier at a Dir En Grey show. Kyo, the band's diminutive singer, is possessed of an absurd range and expressive style, shifting from lilting falsettos to guttural shrieks without sounding cheesy on either. Part Geoff Tate and part George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher, he's like no one else in rock, and he affords Dir En Grey an expansive palette of musical styles to muck with.

That's why it was a bit of a scary moment for fans when damage to Kyo's throat forced Dir En Grey to cancel tour dates and take a hiatus to prevent permanent injury. They haven't been back to the U.S. since 2011.

DEG guitarist Die spoke with us last week, and through a translator, talked about the frustration of being unable to capitalize on their momentum in North America.

"(We) were concerned for him, but actually it did not go to the point that (we) were afraid (we) would not play again -- It was never that dire," Die says. "But it did bring up a couple of questions, like maybe next time it's going to be something else, like someone in the band is injured. (We) don't want to focus on thinking about what (we) will do if that happens. When something happens, you just have to somehow move on. (We) don't focus on what-if, what-if."

Indeed, trouble seems to have a way of seeking Dir En Grey out in recent years. Not only did the deadly Japanese earthquake of 2011 strike while the band was in the studio, but just last Friday, they landed at LAX for the beginning of their U.S. tour only to arrive smack-dab in the middle of a mass shooting incident, keeping them cooped up in immigration for hours. Not quite the cultural exchange they had in mind, probably.

"(We) are very aware that America is a country where you can have weapons, you can have a gun; it's something that is allowed," Die says. "It is something that's a great difference from Japan, but to actually experience it, having it happen so close, was shocking, of course. Of course you hear about it, but (I) would have never thought (I) would be so close to one."

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The Japanese have some of the strongest resolve in the world.  They always seem to pull through..  and through some of the most difficult things you could imagine.  I am excited after reading this interview, and about bringing more in the way of production.  I had won tickets to the Philly show this Saturday night, however, I came down with a really bad cold, I could have still went, however, being that Kyo is susceptible to throat issues, I did not want to passing this cold around..  I do feel awful, however, I am trying to get well over the next couple of days.. I want to be in full form when I see them in Chicago VIP the following Saturday!!  I'm totally psyched for this show!!  It's been way too long since I had seen them last.. in Chicago, December 18. 2011 at House of Blues..  same venue..  only this time.. a new show, always a new show with Dir en Grey!!  \m/  `..'   \m/


You're telling me (about their being some new stuff), the show was awesome in Dallas~!! Can't wait to see you again~!! My thoughts go to you for your trials, but I know you guys will pull through. Love you all~!!!! STAY SAFE!!! 

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