Waka Flocka Goes Deep: "I Rap About the Struggle"

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Recently the Aokify America Tour rolled into our great city, bringing with it one of the best shows of a year approaching its end. Rocks Off was able to speak to one of the tour's major acts, the larger-than-life, animated at all times rapper Mr. Waka Flocka. The following is the result of our brief conversation:

Rocks Off: Please introduce yourself. Who are you?
Waka Flocka: Who am I? That's a good question to ask. I'm Waka Flocka Flame, man... CEO of Brick Squad Monopoly. I do hip-hop/a lot of other things.

Describe your music to us as if we had never heard it before.
When I hit the stage, its like a Korn concert mixed with Onyx, Lil Jon, DMX, Run-DMC, mixed with EDM... ain't nobody doing it like me! Like a head-bussa...

So... explosive?!
Maan, wut! Like atom bombs explosive! Its amazing, man!

Tell us about your history. I believe that you grew up in NYC and moved to Georgia, is that correct?
I was born in Jamaica, Queens. I moved to Atlanta when I was ten, then moved to Clayton County.

Would you say that there's a different dynamic between NYC and Georgia?
Ain't no difference, man, just the kids. Kids in New York had to grow up faster. Kids in Georgia were involved in sports. And the women was thicker! Good food, too!

What's your impression of Texas?
I love Texas, its like a brotherhood, they got a lot of heritage out here, namsayin?

What about your thoughts of H-Town music? Artists such as Geto Boys, UGK, Paul Wall, Slim Thug?
I call it "Enjoying-The-Weather" music. Its laid-back, that cool-ride music. Way more mellow than my stuff. You can't duplicate the H-Town sound, you gotta come get it from the creators.

How did you hook up with Steve Aoki?
First I hooked up with Borgore, and from there I ran into Steve's manager while on tour in Europe. And from there, we're here.

Tell us about your experience in Europe where you have been on tour most of the year.
They loved me, but it was crazy cuz I didn't understand shit anybody was sayin'! Which made me a bit nervous to take the stage, like wondering if they were gonna fuck with me ["like me" -- Ed.].

But when I got onstage, they knew everything! They don't speak English, but they knew the words to my tracks! Just like in the States. Its no different, they just a little skinnier!

Tell us about your new mixtape, Roaches to Rolexes.
The reason I named it that is because I rap about the struggle, namsayin? But now I made it, as me... as a person. Now its time to get my family and my friends right. Now you're gonna hear Waka with some funds behind me. Waka as a man talking now.

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