25 More Ways to Know You've Spent Too Much Time In Montrose

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You remember when Lola's refused to take credit cards.

You know every panhandler on Westheimer between AvantGarden and Kirby by their first names.

You've had more than one 3 a.m. dance party at Pak's.

The bartenders at Poison Girl actually seem to really care about what you want to drink.

You never leave home for a walk without a pocketknife.


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Miles Stiles
Miles Stiles

You forgot "Skinny Kenny has slept on your couch".

Chris Murray
Chris Murray

Just when I thought the Houston Press couldn't get any dumber, it mentions lowbrow as a place to go every day since it opened. Go fuck yourselves Houston Press!

Colby Jack
Colby Jack

Couldn't fit it all on one page?

Patricia Pereira
Patricia Pereira

I started referring to the Wizard of Montrose as the Montrose Hobbit before I heard his moniker! Funny... And I love the 'trose, am a proud Montrosian, and love going 'trosin' :-)

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