25 More Ways to Know You've Spent Too Much Time In Montrose

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J E Theriot via Flickr
Anything outside of the radius marked by Allen Parkway to the north, 59 to the south, Shepherd on the west and Taft on the east is easily and swiftly disregarded as "the suburbs."

The media has dubbed your vinyl collection "too big to fail."

You know when Montrose ends and Midtown/Freedman's Town/Hyde Park begin.

You've eaten at the Tacos Tierra Caliente trailer every day for a week at least twice.

You go to the Menil for a quiet read in the park and it ends up turning into a drunken picnic with ten of your friends. At 2 p.m. on a Thursday.

You've wasted more of your prime years in dives than Greg Louganis.

You park at Lola's and no one even bothers to try to sell you coke.

You've been at Lowbrow every day since it opened.

You went to the Street Festival.

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Miles Stiles
Miles Stiles

You forgot "Skinny Kenny has slept on your couch".

Chris Murray
Chris Murray

Just when I thought the Houston Press couldn't get any dumber, it mentions lowbrow as a place to go every day since it opened. Go fuck yourselves Houston Press!

Colby Jack
Colby Jack

Couldn't fit it all on one page?

Patricia Pereira
Patricia Pereira

I started referring to the Wizard of Montrose as the Montrose Hobbit before I heard his moniker! Funny... And I love the 'trose, am a proud Montrosian, and love going 'trosin' :-)

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