Zedd at House of Blues, 10/30/2013

As for the performance aspect, whoever is responsible for Zedd's stage production is creating real art. From the high-gloss videos to the lighting selection tto the laser effects, there was never a dull moment visually. Zedd and crew have spent some serious time putting together an impressive stage package that not just complements the music, but can stand shoulder to shoulder with it.

And yes, watching Zedd does feel like watching the future. While it would be silly to go all in, Jon Landau/Bruce Springsteen-style on the man himself, it's pretty obvious that Zedd has one of those ears for writing good music. His personal future seems bright. But the future I'm talking about is the larger future of live music as a whole.

Even without a single live instrument or singer onstage, there's something about going to see a DJ like Zedd live that's better than listening to the studio versions of his music. Yeah, part of it is the satisfaction of feeling the bass in your chest, but it's more than that. To command the big bucks, the big name DJs are working on creating experiences and spending lots of money on visuals. It's more than just pushing buttons in front of a video wall even if it is pushing buttons in front of a video wall.

It's music for an overstimulated generation with the graphics to match. And there's a market for it, in the same way there's a market for sweaty punk shows and high-gloss pop shows and everything in between. It may not be for you, and that's OK.

Just remember: the rise of one style doesn't mean the decline of all the others. The landscape changes, but there's room for everyone. If Zedd is a glimpse of the future, I can't wait to see what's next.

Personal Bias: Now that Zedd's played, Eric Prydz moves up to the top of my "DJs Who Need to Come Back To Houston" list.

The Crowd: Young. Costumed. Patient; the line to get in was pretty massive and involved taking off your shoes, but everyone seemed to handle that OK, even if it meant the show started 30 minutes late.

Overheard In the Crowd: "You ready to get crunk?", asked the guy in front of me while we were going through security. The answer was "no," because I was holding my shoes, and I can't get crunk without my shoes on.

Random Notebook Dump: There's a guy dressed up like Waldo sitting on someone's shoulders. I can't decide if someone pretending to be Waldo doing something that brings attention to themselves is ironic or just silly.


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House of Blues

1204 Caroline, Houston, TX

Category: Music

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