Top Five Acts at ACL Festival, 10/5/2013

Photo by Marco Torres
By the time I realized what was happening, I was grooving, jamming, and dancing in the middle of a large group of music lovers who were easily 20 or 30 years my senior. The music pulled me in and I lost control, something that can only happen when real rock and roll shakes your bones.

Guitar legend Alejandro Escovedo rocks out harder than anyone I have ever seen. He and the rest of the True Believers (also known as The Troobs) delivered one of the best performances of the whole weekend. These guys played with so much heart, it made me rethink my whole knowledge of what I assumed was good rock and roll. Now that's dedication. MARCO TORRES

Photo by Julian Bajsel
I had no intention of writing about Wilco when I sat down in the grass Saturday. I was only doing so to placate my friends, killing time until Kendrick Lamar came onstage. I'm glad I gave in to their pleadings, though.

I really dug Jeff Tweedy's twangy, soulful vocals, and even the feedback that resonates in moments of strange, ear-piercing experimentation is a nice change to the traditional alt-country sound they'd have without it. It's fairly obvious that they're intentionally defying that whole cookie-cutter mainstream-band mold and are instead pushing into their own territory, so for that, I can respect it. ANGELICA LEICHT


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Graham Houdrummer Stewart
Graham Houdrummer Stewart

Do y'all even have an editor? I found myself confused reading the same words twice but making the sentence not make any sense at all. I was really getting into it too.

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