The Rocks Off 200: DJ AudiTory, the Maestro of LuvItMane

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DJ AudiTory
Who? Tory "DJ AudiTory" Bryant is a DJ of many different varieties. Currently he doesn't have a signature club night at any popular Houston haunt, but that will come. He also lacks the co-sign of any big-name local artist, but that will come as well.

Who AudiTory is, rather, is a DJ who -- along with tastemaker Los Cosby -- took it upon himself to bring back the freewheeling and associative screw tapes of Houston rap a generation ago. He's DJed parties from Sam Houston State to the University of Houston in between his roles as lead DJ for area rap group 2-Twenty Music and main man on the turntables for Kickback Sundays.

Nationally, he might be known for being quick to to chop and screw some of music's more notable releases the moment they find their way onto the Web. His initial touch-up of Kanye West's Yeezus album earned him mentions in the Los Angeles Times and noted Chicago rap blog Fake Shore Drive.

"At first I was kind of confused, well, insecure about it," AudiTory says of his and Cosby's LuvItMane series. "To do something that Screw did is kind of a big thing. I didn't wanna put no bullshit together to say I was making a screw tape, so I spent three months studying the art form before we put it together."

The duo is now three tapes in with a fourth on the way, likely sandwiched between the next 2-Twenty Music project.

Home Base: "Nawfside by the way of Acreage Homes," he says. However, most of AudiTory's creation process for any tape occurs inside the large townhouse he shares with his 2-Twenty bandmates near the west side of town. There, Bryant is clearly in his element and constantly peruses Twitter for jokes, back-and-forth banter on Sundays about the Texans and the occasional promotion of his latest tape.

Why Do You Stay In Houston? Quite simply, Tory loves the city down to his bones from the culture to its sense of personal identity. It has, he offers, "everything I want is in one city, and there's a multitude of opportunity for people who live here. Houston has always been fun to me. Plus there's so much about the city to learn and experience still and I've been here for 23 years.

"I love Houstonians," he adds. "Plus living in Houston is hella affordable."

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