The Best Things We Overheard at ACL's Second Weekend

Photos by Jim Bricker
"Gary Coleman for governor. Whatchoo talkin' bout, Davis?"
-- T-shirt, from a few thousand miles west and a few years earlier than Wendy

Dude at Junip: "I was smoking a cigar, I left in the seat and it burned a whole in the upholstry."

Friend of dude: "Nooooooooo??!?!"

Dude: "Ya man, sucks."

"You really fucking vagina-punched me!"

-- girlfriend to a boyfriend

REWIND: The Best Acts of ACL Festival's Second Weekend

"They're still playing that same song"

-- said of the Black Angels

"ACL weekend! Fuck it! YOLO!"
-- neon-clad youngsters

"We oughta just buy, like, a fuckin' $20 bag"

"I wanted to sit on that girl so bad"

Hook 'em Horns?
"We're gonna stay here and watch the [Texas-OU] game"

Spotted: Woman excitedly punching her boyfriend on the arm after a fourth-quarter Texas sack near the OU goal line, with Horns up 36-13


-- right after the game

"What time is that?"

"If Dragonflies had ears they'd instantly explode anytime they came near these speakers. The soul would blow them the fuck up"

-- dude at Charles Walker

"No, a Carnival cruise. You'd be surprised how good the food is"

"We need to go to a filling station"

"It's good for hangovers and shit"

Lady 1 leaving HAIM: "I have seen the people I wanted to see"

Lady 2 leaving HAIM: "Well, we could watch the Cure"

"You know who likes the Verve Pipe? This guy."

"No one wants to go in the middle [bag-search] lanes because of the sun"

"Balls in the face"
-- referencing beach balls in the face

"Born to fish forced to work"

-- hat spotted at True Believers

"Do you have any water? Do you have any water?"

-- guy walking by our car in the pouring rain on Saturday after the festival

"It's so hooooooot, It's so hot"

-- after he realized it had been sitting in the hot car all day

"People started coming to this like it's Bonnarroo"

#aclfashion: Matching his-and-hers Superman/Batman capes

"That almost sounds like a sitar"

-- said of Greensky Bluegrass

"It's grapefruity"

-- someone drinking from a camelback

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