Brrr! The 10 Skimpiest Costumes at Something Wicked

Photos by Marco Torres
What is it about EDM that compels folks to walk around in their unmentionables?

Houston's second annual Halloween EDM festival, Something Wicked, took place over the weekend at Sam Houston Race Park, and boy did we ever get an eyeful. Both guys and gals chose to suffer through the somewhat chilly night by wearing nothing more than a bra, a cape, and a pair of undies. Rocks Off stopped several festival attendees and asked them to bare it all for our photographer's camera.

REWIND: Something Wicked at Sam Houston Race Park, 10/26/2013

10. Oh sure, show all the male nipples and abs you want until the cows come home, but let one lady nipple slip, and suddenly the whole worlds screams in protest.


9. Good Cop, Bad Cop



8. Wonder Woman was a popular costume this year. This lady was proud that her suit was homemade, and ever prouder of her derriere. Very talented indeed.


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Sam Houston Race Park

7575 N. Sam Houston Parkway W., Houston, TX

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Philip Levine
Philip Levine

-5 to the guy that didn't probably even show up to the event.

Ryan Cope
Ryan Cope

There's always an asshole that's going to be a Deadmau5 at one of these events. -5 for creativity

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