10 Swang-and-Bang Anthems for Sunday's SLAB Parade

2. Lil' Troy, "Wanna Be a Baller"
Lil' Troy has only managed to produce one classic Texas rap anthem in his career thus far, but it's a doozy. If you can't sing along to the chorus of this song, you can't credibly claim to be a true Houstonian. There's a certain school of thought that claims 20-inch blades (those three-pronged, Star Trek-looking rims) have no place on a true SLAB, but the roster of Screwed Up Click affiliates that Troy assembles on this track make a pretty convincing case that you don't need wire spokes to ball hard. Particularly if your Chevy's been sprayed by Ike.

1. Fat Pat, "Tops Drop"
Well, this is it: the ultimate H-Town SLAB anthem. Before murdering cowards robbed us of Fat Pat, the first S.U.C. rapper to truly break through, he delivered the bounciest, bangin'-est and flat-out best tribute to his hometown SLAB culture that'd ever been bumped before, and it hasn't quite been topped since.

Less concerned with the typical rap braggadocio than many of the songs on this list, "Tops Drop" manages to capture the simple fun of driving around town in a huge, candy-colored, pimped-out car with your favorite music blasting at top volume.


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Jacob Bocanegra
Jacob Bocanegra

and a stupid ass will get into a fight and ruin it and there will not be a parade next year.

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