10 Swang-and-Bang Anthems for Sunday's SLAB Parade

8. UGK, "Front, Back, and Side to Side"
If you really want to take your SLAB to an absurd extreme, you've got to add switches -- the kind of hydraulic suspension that can make your car dance to UGK's patented church-organ gangsta groove.

Heavily influenced by the automotive trends promoted by West Coast stars such as NWA, switches were very much in style in '94, when Port Arthur's hardest released their second album, Super Tight, featuring the duo posing in front of a prototypical SLAB on the cover. Just try not to bob your head to this one.

7. Trae feat. HAWK, "Swang"
One of the greatest, most somber tunes in the Texas rap oeuvre, "Swang" is perhaps the saddest SLAB-worthy track on this list, but it demands inclusion, regardless. To "swang," of course, is to ride' on swangas, the spoked rims that poke out from one's tires on the SLAB.

It can be an act of celebration, a warning or even a memorial, as tragically described in Big HAWK's verse on the best Texas rap track from '06. Dub-K describes popping a trunk in memory of his brother Fat Pat, a murder victim, while he bangs one of DJ Screw's many gray tapes in the deck. Tragically, it was to be one of HAWK's final verses before he was also cut down by gunfire not long after the song was recorded.

6. Mike Jones feat. Paul Wall and Slim Thug, "Still Tippin'"
While local underground rap thrived in the '90s, the slowed 'n' throwed sound didn't explode on to the national scene until this gem hit the airwaves in 2004. Anchored by Slim Thug's career-making leadoff verse, "Still Tippin'" made a star out of Mike Jones (briefly) and Paul Wall, who had the Innanet goin' absolutely nuts.

In the nigh-indecipherable chorus, Slim boasts about tippin' (as in, gangsta leaning) on four "fours" ('84 Cadillac rims) wrapped in four Vogues, the preferred tires of the SLAB connoisseur.

5. Yungstar, "Knockin' Pictures Off Da Wall"
When you're driving down the block, does the ultrasonic bass emanating from your trunk rattle the photographs and artwork off of your neighbors' walls? Well, then you ain't ridin' SLAB. At least, not the way that Yungstar prescribed in this bouncy, late-'90s local classic. The track is built around a sample of Kris Kross' "Da Streets Ain't Right," the same tune that provided the beat for DJ Screw's legendary "June 27" freestyle track. This one bangs faster and louder.

4. Lil' Keke, "Southside"
You know the Southside is actin' bad on the SLAB when you hear this eminently danceable cut rumbling out the trunk of a passing car. Ideally, the SLAB becomes a rolling block party every time it leaves the driveway, a fact Don Keke lauds as he describes "throwin' up the deuce and givin' (gentlemen) dap" on his journey.

If you can't handle being the center of attention in your neighborhood, then keep pushin' that Chevy Malibu up the street, homie. Rollin' SLAB ain't for you.

3. UGK, "Wood Wheel"
Oh, you better believe that UGK gets two entries on this list! As every SLAB must redefine luxury, that factory steering wheel you're working with just ain't gonna cut it. A real SLAB requires a pricey, aftermarket wood steering wheel, that you might grip the grain properly as you swang.

Driving through the hood holding polished wood in your hands apparently conveys a sense of personal success entirely unattainable to the simps in our midst; a fact stressed repeatedly by Pimp C on this easygoing cut from Dirty Money.

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Jacob Bocanegra
Jacob Bocanegra

and a stupid ass will get into a fight and ruin it and there will not be a parade next year.

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