The Rocks Off 200: Adam Bricks, NYC Expat

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Photo by Everett Beaujon.
Adam Bricks performs regularly around town, regaling audiences with with his acoustically narrated stories about life, love and everything in between.
Who? In a city with a significantly higher ratio of outbound versus inbound talent, Adam Bricks is something of a rarity. Two years ago, he willingly - and happily - returned to Houston from Brooklyn and has no plans to go anywhere, anytime soon.

Born in NYC but raised in our city's fair Inner Loop, Bricks returned to his original hometown at 18 and spent the next five years living up and down the East Coast. After heading back to Houston in 2011, Bricks set to work recording an album - "City Songs" - with friends and fellow local musicians James Essary, Matt Willhelm and Ryan Chavez.

Home Base: Bricks is currently busy settling into his new home in East Houston. But when venturing out, he identifies Montrose as his stomping grounds -- frequenting dive-type bars and venues like AvantGarden, Mango's and Rudyards or any spot hosting "cheap booze, cute girls and good music."

"I mostly stick to the dim-lit places," Bricks says. "The dumpier, the better."

Why Do You Stay In Houston? Bricks has no shortage of reasons for choosing to call Houston home, citing "cheap rent, beautiful women and good food," in addition to the fact that he grew up here. He adds that despite having spent the majority of his 25 years here in H-town, there is always something new to discover and experience - thanks to the city's size and diversity.

The people are another draw for Bricks, who describes Houstonians as "unpretentious" dreamers who "genuinely care about each other and have a lot of love for whatever they do."

But Bricks says he loves Houston most for the inspiration it provides him.

"I like to think of Houston as unconquered territory when it comes to songwriting," Bricks says. "It gives me ideas that none of those other places do -- it makes my mind work in a different way."

Good War Story: A storyteller by nature, Bricks recounts many a tale of his life as a struggling artist in the big city -- bouncing from Brooklyn to Harlem, and even the Bronx.

"I've slept in some weird places, found out some rats are bigger than cats and that people actually pay big bucks just to have more space in a city like that," Bricks shares.

He tells one story in particular about living in one of New York's notoriously tiny studios and leaving a candle burning overnight only to wake up to fire that had spread across his bed, the floor and even a cheap stereo.

"So, I guess sometimes a little extra space is worth it," he admits.

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