Added Music Takes Bayou City Art Fest to Another Level

Every great band requires a great timekeeper. The man behind the drum set for Houston Press Music Award winners The Suffers is named Nick Zamora. He's one of those dudes who just gets it, man.

The guy is a musician's musician, who can keep time, sing back-up vocals, act as a sound man, and book your next show. So when the Bayou City Art Festival was looking for assistance in increasing the appeal of the annual event's musical fare, it was only natural that they called upon Zamora.

photo by Marco Torres
Nick Zamora (center) plays with The Suffers during the 2013 Free Press Summer Fest.
The Bayou City Art Festival is one of the largest and most prestigious art festivals in the nation. For more than 40 years, it has provided world-class art to the people of Houston, attracting artists from all over the world to participate. Although this isn't the first year the festival has included music, its rejuvenated and refocused music component will serve as added value to attendees visiting the downtown streets this weekend. The festival's revamped music stage has been dubbed the unLIMITed stage.

"This is my first time booking on this large of a scale," confesses Zamora.

The scale is indeed fairly grand, with more than 15,000 people attending each day of the two-day festival. "There was a learning curve for myself and the organization," he continues. As the event's music curator, Zamora made sure the music alone would be worth the ticket price. The line-up includes The Suffers, Nick Gaitan & The Umbrella Man, and the tropical/Latin DJ collective Bombón.

"Our ultimate goal is to promote art, both visual and musical," Zamora explains.

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Sam Houston Park

1000 Bagby St., Houston, TX

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