Brian Wilson & Jeff Beck at Bayou Music Center, 10/1/2013

Photos by Jason Wolter
Brian Wilson & Jeff Beck
Bayou Music Center
October 1, 2013

God only knows the kind of byzantine William Morris-type negotiations that led to Jeff Beck and Brian Wilson hitting America's large-theater circuit this fall. Oh, to be a fly on the wall at that meeting.

Sure, Beck supposedly loves those Beach Boys car songs that cranked America's rock and roll engine in the early '60s, but who doesn't? Almost anyone under age 40, it turns out. Tuesday's Bayou Music Center crowd was half full, and almost entirely absent anyone in their twenties and thirties. Meanwhile, the Wilson/Beck pairing made for a most disjointed two and a half hours, but all parties involved managed to right the ship by the end, just like a proper Hollywood production should. There was even a surprise cameo by a very famous hometown rock star.

The evening opened with Wilson, who is again estranged from the bandmates who retain the rights to the Beach Boys' name, but brought Al Jardine and David Marks and a large ensemble Tuesday. Make no mistake, this was a Beach Boys show all right, or a revue anway. It was a little bit of a mess, too.

It's difficult to pin down what made Wilson's set feel less than the sublime exercise in orchestral pop it could have been, but the show's opening hour didn't pick up any momentum until it was almost too late. Maybe it was just too many cooks -- after Wilson sang "California Girls," lead vocals passed from Jardine ("Shut Down," Phil Spector's "Then She Kissed Me"); Marks ("Little Bird"); female vocalist Taylor Mills, a member of Wilson's band who walked out to sing "Marcella" and walked right off again; backup singer Darien Sahanaja, who did a fine job on "Darlin"; and guitarist Jeffrey Voskamp Foskett, who managed to set the whole thing back on course with "Wouldn't It Be Nice."

Song selection might have been the bigger factoe. Sweet as the harmonies were, who told them "Old Man River" was a good idea, even as spunky as the "Great American Songbook" medley's second half, ("Cotton Fields") turned out to be? Saving some of the Beach Boys' biggest tunes for the encore also meant too many lesser-known songs cluttering the set list, like the Pet Sounds title track (a hard-jazz instrumental, no lie), "Heroes & Villains," and the title cut from last year's "reunion" album That's Why God Made the Radio. Of these, only "Sail On Sailor" -- also a rare moment when Wilson seemed fully engaged in the proceedings around him, by the way -- gained any real traction.

But, and this is a big but, a melody as transcendent as "Sloop John B" will cover a multitude of sins, and did. So here's the remainder of Wilson's set: "Wouldn't It Be Nice," "Help Me, Rhonda," "I Get Around" and "Good Vibrations." 'Nuff said.

Asking Beck and his band to take the second half turned out to be a smart move. It didn't even matter that nobody sang a word until his tall violinist Lizzie Ball stepped up to sing the old hot-swing standard "How High the Moon." The five musicians demonstrated the same kind of instrumental mastery also seen in jazz and classical, where the technique is so dazzling it almost doesn't matter how familiar the material is.

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What does the demographics of the crowd have to do with anything, in a MUSICAL review?! JB and BW will go down in rock history as two of the greatest ever. But the notion is insinuated that they are not cool because of a lack of a certain age group in attendance? Grow up!


What does the demographics of the crowd have to do with anything, in a MUSICAL review?!

JB will go down in rock history as one of the greatest ever. But the notion is insinuated that he is not cool

Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah topcommenter

At least it wasn't the standard Beach Boys revue.....


Heroes and Villains cluttered up the setlist? You should have given your ticket to someone else and sneered about the audience's age at home instead. Who is Voskamp, anyway? Too lazy for a wikipedia search?


A few younger people up in the balcony... me and my girlfriend were 30 and 26... didn't pay for my tickets but noticed that the cheapest ticket came out to 70 bucks. That explains the half empty theater.

chris.gray moderator editor

@adrapro My concert-addled ears heard "Foskett" as "Voskamp." I stand by "Heroes & Villains" as blah.

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